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Email delivery problems

Email delivery problems - Forums [Biker Match] Email delivery problems - Forums [Biker Match]
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Email delivery problems

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Due to changing internet provider last week we got a new IP address.

Sadly we lost all our trust reputation with Hotmail, Gmail etc and now have to "prove ourselves" again as a well behaved email sender.

I'm now seeing lots of emails bouncing back from many email servers because our new IP is not yet trusted and has a low reputation.

It will take time to build this up again. And for now we just need to all add as a "Safe Sender". Please also don't delete any emails you do receive from BM, and certainly don't mark them as spam. Just opening them and reading them without deleting will help build up our reputation again.

Sorry to all those who are being affected by this. It's out of my control at the moment though. I've done everything I possibly can as the site owner to minimise the disruption, but the big email players are really strict

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Matt @ 05/02/2018 21:52  

In this age of technology it's about time Hotmail made allowances in a situation like this, allowing B M to carry on seamlessly and keep its good reputation, especially after nearly 12 years.
My email has been getting through ok, up to now.

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Sandi @ 07/02/2018 13:28  

I've been fighting with them for the past few days.
Finally today I got through to someone willing to communicate with me, other than simply copy/pasting a template "how to be a well-behaved email sender" crap.
Only took me threatening legal action for them to sit up and listen, bunch of bloody drones.

Anyhow, after proving (with invoices/orders) that my ISP closed and I moved to a new one, they have given a temporary higher status on our IP. Hopefully this lasts long enough to prove ourselves, because if we can't get email through how the hell are we supposed to prove ourselves as a safe sender?

Will keep you all posted

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Matt @ 07/02/2018 21:41  

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