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Buying a Bike for Learning to ride Advice Please

Buying a Bike for Learning to ride Advice Please - Forums [Biker Match] Buying a Bike for Learning to ride Advice Please - Forums [Biker Match]
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Buying a Bike for Learning to ride Advice Please

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Having seen two or three bikes that I quite like the look of, next step for me is to find somewhere local I can learn to ride. Would I be able to learn on my own bike rather than one borrowed from a school? the only logistical problem I can think of would be how I would transport any bike I buy to the riding school, not to mention how I would get the bike home, especially if its second hand like the Kawasaki KMX125 I've taken a shine to.

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New2Biking @ 14/01/2018 20:24  

Don't know Glossop way, but if you want to travel I can recommend good lads and teach you to ride not just pass your test.

Best advice I was given and give out. Do your research as there are a few places that only teach you to pass.

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rowanblossom @ 14/01/2018 21:12
Let's see if that link works

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rowanblossom @ 14/01/2018 21:16  

Most schools have bikes you learn on, which saves a lot of time, effort and cost on your part. Go to the school see what they have. I learnt on the school bike. I went 125 route cos I couldn't put the bike they used for DAS on the centre stand (even harder when the bike was lowered for my little legs). I then went and bought the bike I wanted after I passed, had it restricted for the relevant time period.

Also go round the dealers and sit on all the bikes you like. If you go secondhand I can recommend Ian, who owns Mr pigs motorcycles on Temperence Street, manchester. You know you will have a good buy from there and mechaniced properely.

Manchester bike show is in March so you can sit on every bike there.

Hope that helps

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rowanblossom @ 14/01/2018 21:28  

Hi buddy,
Any decent school will have their own bikes for you to learn on , the basics of learning to ride do don't differ from what you ride and most insurance's will not be valid because you do not have a CBT anyway.
Get your CBT done then worry about your bike.

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Ragnar @ 14/01/2018 22:35  

hi, as the guys have said above you need to get your CBT done first. That's where you will learn the basics of how to ride and to validate your provisonal licence.

For that you won't need your own bike as any decent school will have there own bikes. It's best to start off on there bikes and make your novice mistakes on the hire bike as it will save you a lot of expense or agro of dropping etc.

Once you have your CBT is the time to go bike hunting to do your riding 'apprentiship' for a while, and once your ready and have more a few more polished skills take more training and pass your big bike test.

It's a route we all used to take before these intensive DAS courses were invented. It's a great way to learn and use your bike.

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Deleted Member @ 03/02/2018 23:50  

Why spend your hard earned money on a bike that you will drop and spend your money repairing. As said by Ragnar and Stuie go to a school and drop there bike at least you can laugh about it on the way home from the lessons

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JP @ 04/02/2018 07:55  

Congrats on going for it, well done and good luck. As said above.... Do yoyr cbt with a good place and use their bike.
When you do your actual lessons you may have to pay to use their bikes, and if you do decide to buy your own 125 you can ride it to the lesson and back home coz you are allowed to ride a125 in L plates I believe still. Which is good coz you can practice and go out between lessons. It's the bigger than 125 that you are not allowed to ride in L plates..... Enjoy

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Deleted Member @ 04/02/2018 19:40  

Hi any biker mates, they can ride it to your training sessions. I did for my girl and the stored the bike at their training centre.

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Deleted Member @ 04/02/2018 21:23  

The A part of your licence is NOT valid until the CBT is completed. Therefore any insurance is invalid also until a valid CBT has been issued and any school that allows a student to use their own bike is breaking the law.
Ps, I've been a fully qualified DAS motorcycle instructor for over ten years and for the pass 7 years works at London's biggest training school.

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Ragnar @ 04/02/2018 21:54  

After cbt......he can use his own bike 😀

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Deleted Member @ 04/02/2018 22:01  

After cbt nothing bigger than 14bhp or just short of your old harley Suzi lol

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Ragnar @ 04/02/2018 22:12  

Bugger orf Rags..... 😎

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Deleted Member @ 04/02/2018 23:44  

I started my CBT but had to do it on a twist and go 125 moped as the geared bikes were way to tall for me in the end I got fed up and didn't finish my CBT also because of my age I felt like I was left out as the others on the course we're younger, I really want to ride before I get to old!!!

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Deleted Member @ 02/03/2018 10:33  

I had same problem Josie but thankfully the school I went to had an SR125...... Pmsl it used to nearly shake the mirrors off at 70pmh.....besr to ask the school and I'm sure you will find something.... I was real tip of toe on one side only in my cbt was a nightmare!!! Thankfully I did teston 125 before all this mad new refs came in...... All the best 😄

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Deleted Member @ 02/03/2018 10:58  

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