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Yamaha DT125 A good First Bike?

Yamaha DT125 A good First Bike? - Forums [Biker Match] Yamaha DT125 A good First Bike? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Yamaha DT125 A good First Bike?

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Hi everyone. Not sure if this should go in this forum or the Bikes, Products & Services one. I've been looking for a sporty-looking bike and spotted a 1989 model in red and white. I really like the look of it (I love the colour scheme) but would a bike that old be right for a beginner on the road? I've no idea when it comes to what makes a good first bike and although i've kind of got this gut feeling that it's what I could see myself riding I don't want to go and buy something that is not suitable just because I like the colour of it :-). Suggestions for other similar types of sporty bikes welcome.

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New2Biking @ 13/01/2018 22:24  

My son had 1 as his 1st bike and was well happy with it. When you fall off which you will, You wont be smashing £300 worth of plastics maybe a clutch leaver or mirror. Buy a very good chain and lock as you cant fit an alarm to them, They are easy to steel so insurance may be high. Best advise I can give you if you buy any 2 stroke bike carry a spare spark plug and spanner as they can be a real pain for failing due to over heating or oiling up.

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JP @ 14/01/2018 06:08  

DT is a good choice, trail bikes are more robust than road bikes and lighter which makes for easier handling. Good to see an archer on the forum.

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Deleted Member @ 24/01/2018 04:49  

Yes a DT125 is a good bike. Designed as a learner bike in its day and was one of the bikes to have when you were still on L plates.

Derestricted they go like a scaulded cat as well capable of about 100mph.

Just make sure you use good quality 2stroke oil or it will end in tears.

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Deleted Member @ 24/01/2018 08:33  

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