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Paying problems

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Paying problems

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Hi i`v just tried to upgrade my membership but it will not accept my visa debit card i know that this card is ok because i use it to pay for other things with no problems i am very dissapointed with the site .

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ADE40 @ 13/01/2018 14:17  

Hi ADE40 the only person that can sort this out is Matt the site owner have you sent him a message or e-mail

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JP @ 13/01/2018 16:11  

Ade I had the same problem, I solved it by doing it through Paypal on the old BM site, though goodness knows what I will do when the old site has completely gone, guess I could use someone else's card and give them the money.

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Deleted Member @ 13/01/2018 20:54  

I too had issues, but it was last year (on the old site). I tried n tried for months. I don't have internet banking or PayPal. My card was working fine on everything else.
I must admit I was ready for walking away from the site, too frustrating by far😣.

In the end Stuie paid my subs via his PayPal and I gave him the cash!

Although this year my renewal went through like a dream. Go figure!?!

Let's hope there is a quick fix by Matt or there may be a mass exodus.

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Lindsay @ 14/01/2018 09:59  

I don't like paying with the plastic on the web if I can avoid it, so went to the old site which still accepts PayPal.
Any idea why the new site, doesn't have the PayPal option?

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Steve_H @ 18/01/2018 19:33  

I've just upgraded my account with my visa debit card, no problem, straight forward, however I paid for a year and got a month lol
(It's ok, I've let Matt know)

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Sandi @ 01/02/2018 17:58  

I prefer to pay by PayPal so I too went to old site and did it......

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Deleted Member @ 04/02/2018 20:20  

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