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Disappearing Messages

Disappearing Messages - Forums [Biker Match] Disappearing Messages - Forums [Biker Match]
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Disappearing Messages

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Some of my messages have disappeared.....from the new site. It shows I have an ongoing conversation with someone, but when you click on the conversation all the messages have gone.
But this isn't happening with every message only some.
Any ideas?

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ChilliD @ 12/01/2018 15:43  

I've lost entire conversations since the new site has been up and ' running?' Lots of bugs in this version of the site.

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Double six @ 12/01/2018 18:23  

@ ChilliD

@ D6

Have they been 'lost', or archived?

I've noticed that older conversations get moved to archive if they haven't been active for a short while.
Confused me too for a while.

Matt has discussed this in previous topics.

It's also possible that disabled profiles, or users and inactive members can cause this to happen.

Troubleshooting these issues with more detail will speed things up and remove more obvious reasons.

If you have specific examples, they're worth checking.
Would suggest a PM, rather than posting here.

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nickscafe @ 12/01/2018 19:23  

How do you find archived messages?

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ChilliD @ 14/01/2018 17:23  

I have a load of messages. The first 10 I can see when I open them. The bottom 5 I can see the last message but when I open the full conversation it says no messages found.

   Update Reply
ChilliD @ 20/01/2018 12:05  

I have just clicked on a conversation I had back in August last year and the opening message/s can't be accessed. The old site gave you access to the entire conversations you had with anyone, wether it was a constant stream or wether it was the occasional line sent just to stay in touch. Will be rectified or is this the way the new site is going to run from now on?

   Update Reply
Double six @ 31/01/2018 00:29  

Guys, if you are having problems with missing conversations then this is the information I need from you to get started on it...

1) Can you see the person on BM still? Go to Menu > Profiles > Browse. Enter their username and open profile. Does the profile open? Can you even find the user in the list? If not, they might have disabled their account or been deleted / banned by personal choice or by a mod.

2) If you can find them, press "Message" on their profile. This will jump to your PMs with that person. Do you see them now?

3) If you CAN open the conversation but you think SOME messages are missing, can you tell me if the conversation is extremely long? Like over 200 messages long. Is it only older messages not showing? i.e, new ones show ok and you can still chat but you can't find old messages.

4) Failing all that, is the conversation available on the OLD website?

Please report your findings to me then via PM or email. The biggest cause of "missing messages" if you've either deleted them (by mistake) or the other person has disabled their account (or blocked you). At the end of the day it's a computer / server and it's not going to just randomly delete your stuff. It might be filtering for some reason though, which I can look into

   Update Reply
Matt @ 01/02/2018 00:42  

Matt, I have only looked at one conversation and found that I can't scroll to the start of the conversation. It wasn't an Ylliad or an Opus and it only occured last year, but it would be nice to see how the conversation started so that the same ground isn't covered foolishly.
Yes I can find the member in the profile lists.
Yes they are still active on the site.
Are we using the new site or the old site? Yes I can access the start of the conversation on the old site in it's entirety.
Shouldn't the site have been thoroughly beta tested before going live with the new format?

   Update Reply
Double six @ 01/02/2018 00:54  

D6, your patronising comment isn't necessary. The site has been extensively tested but I made a CHOICE to cut off conversations after several hundred messages on the new site.
Why? For performance reasons. To make sure people can open their conversations without waiting too long. Even with this limit some people complain that conversations take too long to open.

If you're all finding that 200 or so messages is too few, then I can look at extending it. But in all honesty - how often do you view such a long conversation?

   Update Reply
Matt @ 02/02/2018 08:30  

Was set to 200. Now increased to 400.

Is that enough?

And doesn't matter if a message is a single word or an entire book of text, still counts as 1

   Update Reply
Matt @ 02/02/2018 08:33  

Increased even more...
now shows messages from past 5 years instead of past year.
Increased total number of messages shown from 200 to 800 per conversation.
Increased total number of latest conversations listed from 250 to 400.

The last change is the biggest problem. Because for every conversation it has to load a thumbnail of the person's face. So every time you open your inbox it has to generate and download 400 thumbnails! This is heavy for your CPU and internet connection, especially if you're using a mobile phone which will make the page lock up. Possibly.

So I need to know what the experience is for you guys now. Open some big conversations, search through the list of people etc.

If it's a problem then I will need to look at other options.


   Update Reply
Matt @ 02/02/2018 08:53  

I now have my conversations back.......but half of the messages are missing, and they aren't particularly long conversations......Definitely 800 messages......Lord I haven't got that much to say!

   Update Reply
ChilliD @ 02/02/2018 18:52  

Please check the old website
If you find discrepancies place send me the username who your conversation is with so I can investigate

   Update Reply
Matt @ 03/02/2018 00:37  

I too get this where a message seems to cut off half way through as if the box isn't big enough to show it but I just never mentioned it before as I thought it might pan out..... I'll check old site and pm you the username it happens with.... Not checked.... It might be all messages......

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 10/02/2018 20:34  

Thanks for the specific example. I have now fixed the problem. It was caused by a box sizing issue. The message was there, but hidden behind a box.

It only ever affected the last message in a conversation, under certain circumstances.

Fixed though now, thanks.

If you find any more (specific) examples, please PM me the details and I'll check it out. Also especially if you are missing messages which you can see on the old website. Should not be possible, if the messages are not mega old

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Matt @ 13/02/2018 15:35  


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Deleted Member @ 09/07/2018 13:44  

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