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General Chat/Anything Goes

T'was the night before Xmas

T'was the night before Xmas - Forums [Biker Match] T'was the night before Xmas - Forums [Biker Match]
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T'was the night before Xmas

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(apart from the fact that technically it is Xmas day now) and all thru BM not a biker was typing except for SM (my initials, not my particular preferences, although...) Ahhh, f*ck it The original is way to long to try and mess with this time of night/day... So Jingle B*ll*cks, Have a Merry F*cking Xmas x PS Seriously tho, Peace and Love to All xxx

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stueylewie @ 24/12/2007 20:03  

How many pints was that? Ahhh, stuff it. Have a merry christmas everyone,and normal service will be resumed ASAP.

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Wills @ 24/12/2007 20:32  

Merry Christmas One and All!!!!! xxxxxx

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wiccan-one @ 25/12/2007 06:09  

have a merry xmas everyone and go out with a BANG!!!! i know i am pmsl xxxxxxxxx

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Deleted Member @ 25/12/2007 12:38  

I like your version Stueylewie, ever thought of writing a book of alternitive poems, suggest you get bladdered first!!!

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Scary @ 26/12/2007 08:40  

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas. May your bikes go vroom. Please avoid all the diesel spills. And black ice fear to use. Tear off down the dotted white line. Your licence says you should Be nice to all our policemen. At Christmas don't abuse. Find yourself a biker friendly pub. Drink the cellar dry. Wave to all those pretty yellow gatsos. And the man inside confuse. Aww to hell with it. Just Merry Christmas and a great new year to you all eh.

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rubecula @ 26/12/2007 09:55  

t'was the night before christmas and all through the house not a creature was stureing not even a mouse a way ran the children to hide in there beds for fear that old saint nic would come and chop off there heads and to one and all i hope you had a very merry christmas and long live the firebladekid

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firebladekid @ 26/12/2007 11:22  

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