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Z1000SX info please

Z1000SX info please - Forums [Biker Match] Z1000SX info please - Forums [Biker Match]
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Z1000SX info please

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Does anyone here ride a Z100SX?

I'm curious, as much as I don't want to, I have to sell my VFR800 by the end of this year, because of the bloody ULEZ charge in London. And I'm not paying £12 a day to ride to work.

Currently the other option I'm considering is a ZZR1400, but the insurance will probably kill me.
mr christian @ 03/01/2018 20:28  

yes I brought one in 2014,its a great bike ,I also had a VFR but the old 750, the Z1000sx will do everything in a more modern way off your VFR800, insurance is not expensive and running cost the same has your bike ,get the panniers ,they are one key click away from removal /refit and no frames around bike
vr46ninja @ 06/01/2018 13:02  

Hi Christian,
A mate of mine picked his one up a few months back and with all his years of riding different bikes, he said he's never had a bike like it.
If you like the look of it, it's worth thinking about.
Ragnar @ 06/01/2018 15:37  

Cheers Ninja/Rag. Actually pulled my VFR up next to one today in a car park, and the Z looked small next to it, which concerned me. BEing 6ft 3, I don't want to look like a bear on a circus bike, but equally prefer the sport/tourer riding position to an adventure like the Versys or Crosstourer.

I guess I'll just need to ride them and find out, but good to know they're well received bikes.
mr christian @ 06/01/2018 23:15  

 Posts: 4       Pages: 1/1

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