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More update comments (Matt)

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More update comments (Matt)

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Yep, 3am cant sleep so might as well try something a little constructive...

*Forum Search:
Might be my Chrome settings but on each new session whenever I use the 'Forum/Search' option three categories are deselected, General Chat, being the one I remember.
I think this is the same for me using the 'All Topics' search as well, (jokes and birthday wishes are the two others that are also deselected).

*Notifications Page.
I love it, so much that is there room on the bottom RHS of the home page to add a button for it, please? I'm thinking of mobile users here.

Also, could a users preferences (eg - Female) be remembered for the current session, I sure many users will use the filter more than once at each visit.

*MS Edge
Just a heads-up Matt, I also tried Edge works well but I0 had some problems with tick boxes, Search on photos IIRC, just couldnt select the darn box for some reason.

Cheers from Sleepless in Teesside.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 28/12/2017 03:32  

Hi thanks for the feedback and sorry for the delay replying.

Forum search: The default view of the forum indeed filters out birthday wishes, jokes, general chat. The reason being that all those word games etc just pollute the forum page otherwise. It no longer looks like a bikers site and people are put off joining. Them forums can be enabled for those who are interested in them. For as long as you stay on the site your preference will be saved. When you logout and log back in again you will find the defaults have returned.

Activity page: Good suggestion and it's certainly something I want to do. But it's a new section and there's been a lot of teething issues. I'm still ironing them all out. When I am confident that the page is running ok and it's not too heavy on the server performance I will see where else I can add the data. Glad you like it!

Gender preference: Again a good suggestion. I'll see what I can come up with. Though the idea of letting things reset is because often people have trouble but when they reload a page, or logout and back in again, then their issue is often resolved. The more preferences that are remembered between pages and/or sessions the more some folks can get frustrated when they can't get something to work. But I'll look into it.

Edge: Should be working ok. I test on my PC using the latest version of Chrome, Edge and Firefox. I primarily test in Chrome, but then check the main features are working in the others. Could you please take a screenshot for me and email to [webmaster] (at) bikermatch (removing the spaces and brackets of course).


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Matt @ 08/01/2018 17:56  

Hi Matt, just thought I would say, now I'm used to the new site I much prefer it. Great job, thank you.
And I am glad there is an instant filter on the word games, and the like. As you say it clutters up the the forum section, putting current conversations, or information on trips out and stuff down the list too quickly. X

   Update Reply
Lynne @ 09/01/2018 05:27  

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