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Pilgrim pumps

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Pilgrim pumps

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Hi, Matt seems to think the forum could be of use to all users and so those of us that do not use it have a low karma, the only question that i can ask at the moment is about a twin feed pilgrim pump, i am having trouble with the drops per minuite that feed the main bearings and big end any one with the slightest idea of what i am on about please respond.

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pentecost @ 07/12/2017 21:50  

I dont know the answer to your problem with the Pilgrim pump for your vintage bike but try this guy he may be able to help

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JP @ 08/12/2017 03:14  

HI, thanks for your reply, the only one im afraid, yes i have had parts off pete for pilgrims in the past, i need someone running a J.A.P. v twin realy to compare engine characteristics, the oil system is total loss and the feed rate for the mains and big ends keeps altering on its own. Its actualy a N.O.S. pump i was lucky enough to find which is perfect, the engine has a disc valve system that alters the crankcase pressure when it feels the need, the racing boys just run their pumps flat out so no help there. It would be nice to chat to someone with experience of running one it was a bit of a long shot but you never know. Brough made 20 bikes in 1936 with the same engine, mine is also a 36, i have e mailed the club but had no reply as yet, i have only managed 150 miles since i built it as winter set in so am looking forward to salt free roads in the new year to carry on tinkering, i have plenty of foreign winter hacks to abuse in the meantime. Thanks again for your interest.

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pentecost @ 21/12/2017 17:30  

Have you tried talking to the Motorcycle Museum by the NEC they may have contacts that can help you

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JP @ 21/12/2017 18:03  

Yes i have, and the vmcc, there are owners of similar engined machines out there but they just dont seem to ride them, hey ho happy easter anyway.

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pentecost @ 22/12/2017 08:20  

Leamington victory motorcycle club have jap v twin knowledge l think, give them a poke..

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Deleted Member @ 28/01/2018 14:13  

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