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996 clutch

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996 clutch

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Hi new to the site, a quick one anyone had any experiences with their clutch parting company with their Ducati 996? couldnt believe it when it happened to me , lucky i didnt lose a single part, i must say though its the first time i have been for a ride and come home with my clutch in a carrier bag LOL.

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herric @ 21/11/2017 16:03  

Sounds like the centre nut came undone, did the whole basket come off or just the pressure plate and the 6 springs

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Deleted Member @ 21/11/2017 19:10  

Hi Andy oh the centre nut definitely came undone, the whole basket came undone as one which would suggest i hadn't torqued it up properly, however after a further investigation on my part, a came across something what never gets mentioned when working on the clutch,behind the centre nut which holds the basket on there is a washer, first glance and it just looks like any other washer, after looking into the design of the washer, it seems to be known in the engineering world as a bell ville washer, inappetance you would perhaps describe its shape, as saucer shaped from the side profile, of course the description i use isn't the technical term , LOL.point that i'm making ,it seems to play a significant part as regard to keeping the clutch in place where it should be, not to mention some thread lock this time, at the moment i have not done any significant mileage on the bike since the clutch decided it had other ideas on what it wanted to do LOL , i need to build my confidence back up in the bike, without having to think will i be coming home with the bike in the back of a van again,
i still have an issue with the clutch as i said its had a full clutch replacement that means everything, but for the love of god , i cant get the bike to go into neutral , other than when the bike is switched off , :(

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herric @ 07/12/2017 17:16  

Belleville washers were an accounting solution to bent tab washers. They are fantastic for generating pre-load, but if you don't put enough pre-load on they're useless, and the same if you put too much pre-load on - you can exceed permissle stress and get relaxation.
As a locking device I've *never* liked them (I'm an engineering designer), too many variables can occur to change their characteristics. A bent tab washer is far more secure - but that doesn't look sexy on a Ducati does it?:)
But it will work better.

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Deleted Member @ 07/12/2017 17:51  

Ducati John in Leeds is THE man for any Ducati work.

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Deleted Member @ 08/12/2017 14:21  

Hi Herric
Having had a Ducati Multistrada for 5yrs and 120,000 miles its rare to have a clutch fall off, most of their stuff is held on real tight. <bmir />
Owners Manual says check over the bike regularily for loose nuts and bolts, it gets you used to knowing what is where.
Things Like the wheel nuts need to be checked, I had right sized sockets shortened so they didn't cam off so easily. One to watch out for is the cush drive bobins by the rear sprocket as they get older they let go and work their way out milling your eccentric hub

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Deleted Member @ 20/12/2017 06:54  

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