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Nods and their notification emails

Nods and their notification emails - Forums [Biker Match] Nods and their notification emails - Forums [Biker Match]
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Nods and their notification emails

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So, earlier in the week, I received a nod, and an email to tell me so, complete with a link. Followed the link and there is a new “conversation” in my list which says that I have received a nod etc. from this person.

Today I apparently received another nod, according to an email, however when I follow the link there is no new “conversation “ to let me know who it’s from......

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Openspaces @ 27/10/2017 20:33  

Hi mate
this happens (usually) when a spammer gets online and starts nodding / messaging everyone.

The spammer often gets reported to us and deleted from the site before you've even had chance to see the junk you received.

Our lovely moderators do their best to keep the site clean and friendly for you.


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Matt @ 28/10/2017 10:38  

Hi Matt
Just for info. I logged in to the old site so I could see who it was, and it was not a spammer but a regular user of the site.
Without the email link working, however it means I cannot reply.

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Openspaces @ 28/10/2017 11:07  

Hi hi
Do you mean you see an extra conversation on the old site what you cannot see on the new website? If so, please could you send me the name in a private message? Even better if you could send me your password so I can test as you, if you are ok with that.


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Matt @ 28/10/2017 17:14  

PM’d you Matt

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Openspaces @ 28/10/2017 20:08  

Hands trembling, furrowed brow glistening with beads of perspiration, I boot up my laptop. "Windows is updating .... 15%" Aargh! "Battery is critically low!" Aarrgh again! Where's the charger? Damn it! that one's for my Piles cushion inflator! Yes! Got it. Plug it in, no, not the usb port, is it this one? it still won't fit? which way round? Got it! Then, after what seems like an eternity, I fire up BikerMatch. Damn! my Username is not "Mr Darcy". Try again. I'm in, "YES!" but wait! No, it can't be? I stare at the screen bemused. I slump in the chair, deflated, spurned, The reason? I received an email informing me of a Nod received. Result? Nothing, nichts, rien, nada, zilch, big fat zero! Was this because our diligent moderators vapourised a spammer? I hope so! Meanwhile, I crawl back into the cave! Grunt!

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NotPhilMitchell @ 27/04/2018 21:46  

haha yes my friend. There's a lot trying to get through at the moment sadly. Actually I think just one network of bots constantly trying to spam members. But we've got a damn good moderator team

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Matt @ 17/05/2018 21:51  

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