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Cya later bm

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Cya later bm

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hee hee hee

   Update Reply
bandit1200girl @ 23/12/2007 18:16  

dont u hee hee hee me pmsl

   Update Reply
RC @ 23/12/2007 18:18  

Glad you are staying R C nice one.perhaps i will see you around in the new year? It would be nice to meet you.

   Update Reply
happy jack @ 23/12/2007 18:24  

thanks happy jack i wont be around much still avin a break from it all

and yes will be nice to meet u maybe @ the next mb meet in the new year....

tc and have a good xmas n happy new year xx

   Update Reply
RC @ 23/12/2007 18:26  

WTF? Hey I have been away for months. I finally manage to get back here and you are scooting off? Get yer @rse back now girly. It is no challenge to catch up on the posts if you ainr here to make it difficult. Besides which. I miss ya.

   Update Reply
rubecula @ 26/12/2007 10:05  

Bloody hell!!! whos the new bloke??? How you doing mate? long time no see.

   Update Reply
oggy @ 26/12/2007 14:41  

eerm wats going on young lady !!!!

   Update Reply
BANDIT12 @ 26/12/2007 15:36  

RC darlin', you cant leave me cos Ill cry! Life s too short to take some people seriously so be happy, stay in touch, big hi to your new fella. Rock on Luvs Tony D xxx

   Update Reply
golden girl @ 26/12/2007 15:42  

RUBE well hello hun now ur bk i just might stick around just to annoy U pmsl

hope u had a way cool xmas and all the best for 2008

   Update Reply
RC @ 27/12/2007 06:13  

Hey RC your new pic.... whooo hooo. Hey Oggy who are you? Been kicking elf shoes around town this christmas? Love you folks so have a big hug from me.

   Update Reply
rubecula @ 27/12/2007 15:21  

thanks rube hun..big hugs

   Update Reply
RC @ 27/12/2007 17:15  

aaawwww just catching up....................BM just wont be the same without you RC and that's unanimous it seems lol!!! Move on from some things that aren't positive or enjoyable but not those that are..............everything has it's niggles now and then...............Im looking foward to meeting you and many others and getting to lots of rallies and BM meets next year.............wont be the same without you!!! Reconsider, dont be too hasty............................lots of new friends and more laughs to come on here by the sound of it, congrats on new fella too, he can come along and share em too!!! Glad to see all survived Xmas, just the New Year to come and look foward to now all. Best wishes Sandy x

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 28/12/2007 04:50  

you cant go now hun , after last nites fun & games with the sicko posting's ... if it hadnt been for you bm would still be in morning today x

   Update Reply
nina @ 28/12/2007 06:38  

Glad to see that you have not gone RC...

   Update Reply
bikerchick1966 @ 28/12/2007 16:20  

im havin a break when or if ill be bk who knows so stay n ride safe ......

   Update Reply
RC @ 28/12/2007 16:52  

have a happy new year take care all xxxxx

   Update Reply
RC @ 31/12/2007 20:17  

As u all no ive not been online for a few days..after a long hard think i have decided to take care everyone..see u all around some where...take it easy peepslove n hugs RC xxxxxJust had a chat with rc and she's just going to have a break from BM. Winter isn't the best time of year for her so she's suffering a little bit. She'll be back soon peeps and then we'll all know about it!! Di.

   Update Reply
RC @ 02/01/2008 14:45  

Just seen this, and I am shocked to say the least BM wont be the same without you, and whatever has happened, been said, I really wish you could have found it in you and stayed..... going to miss you hon, take care, be happy and ride safe xxxx

   Update Reply
Nutkin68 @ 02/01/2008 15:36  

thanks di xxxx

   Update Reply
RC @ 02/01/2008 17:48  

sad to see you go rc, met you once at mb, think you are great, take care chuck, come back soon. xxxxxxx

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 02/01/2008 18:02  

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