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Room 101

Room 101 (37) - Forums [Biker Match] Room 101 (37) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Room 101

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The gala bingo fact all bingo/gambling ads, but especially these with truly irritating jingles

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 31/12/2014 00:03  


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Deleted Member @ 01/01/2015 09:14  

Rain snow ice - enough !!

   Update Reply
Jackyan @ 01/01/2015 20:18  

Weak willed, spineless idiots who want others to do their dirty work.

Do us all a favour ... Grow a pair or crawl back under ya stone!

Thank you : )

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 04/01/2015 23:28  

Shit attitudes, aggressive, bullying behaviour on here. Wrong person to pick on by the way! I bite

   Update Reply
rowanblossom @ 05/01/2015 07:11  

medication that gives me wind

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 05/01/2015 12:37  

Phewwwww! Ewwwwww!! Stuie, not again

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 05/01/2015 13:04  


parrp oops

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 05/01/2015 13:43  

Colds and flu and any sort of illness actually. In they all go .

   Update Reply
Jackyan @ 30/01/2015 20:54  

Tinned Pies (the Fray Bentos/Tyne Brand/Princes type).
Just spent another 20 minutes trying to get the bloody lid off, happens every time!
Love 'em but they gotta go!

   Update Reply
Viking Tel @ 02/02/2015 13:01  

The police helicopter that has been hovering over my boat for what seems like hours , and on nights too
Its a narrowboat not an aircraft carrier .....FECK OFF !

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 03/02/2015 15:54  

David Cameron.
The population increase is out of control, and he doesn't give a shit, so long as he gets re-elected.
I am not a racist, just a statistician.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 25/04/2015 18:47  

Bad trannies....why do they do it....

Live and let live as the saying goes ...

We all have our own thoughts about other folks but sometimes best not mentioned

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/04/2015 03:43  

@Crimmy, well said totally agree!

Today is a good day so nothing to go into Room 101.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 27/04/2015 07:30  

People just dying to start arguments...... straight in they go

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/04/2015 12:35  

But if they're dead, why bother?

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 27/04/2015 16:40  

Lol Xk ... never thought of it like that...

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/04/2015 23:03  

ATM machines, that first ask what you want to do, Check balance, cash & receipt or cash only
You press "Cash only"
It then asks if you would like to check your balance first, you press no.
It then asks if you would like a receipt with your cash, again you press no.
And then you get what you asked for "Cash Only".

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 29/04/2015 18:46  

The poxy git at work who gave me his cold virus. May the camel of a thousand fleas invade his arse. Into room 101 he goes.

   Update Reply
double six @ 02/05/2015 07:35  

Glad I am not him 66 :-)

   Update Reply
davidneale @ 02/05/2015 09:06  

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