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MAG appeals to all riders to challenge ‘nutty’ pollution charge

 MAG appeals to all riders to challenge ‘nutty’ pollution charge  - Forums [Biker Match]  MAG appeals to all riders to challenge ‘nutty’ pollution charge  - Forums [Biker Match]
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MAG appeals to all riders to challenge ‘nutty’ pollution charge

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MAG is calling on all riders in the UK to submit their concerns regarding a mad London charge which could cost a user of an older moped thousands of pounds a year in pollution taxes. Selina Lavender, Chair of the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), has made an urgent appeal to all riders to challenge a new ‘Ultra Low Emissions Zone’ charge being proposed by Transport for London (TfL) which could make riding small, clean and congestion-busting bikes totally uneconomic in the British capital. Selina says: ‘TfL seems very upbeat about the proposed pollution charge for older vehicles, including bikes – meaning those built before 2007. It would mean that from September 2020, even if you’ve got a tiny engine, they want to slap a £12.50 charge on you, every day, seven days a week. Riders of older mopeds will therefore pay thousands of pounds a year if they use their little bike on a daily basis. How can that be fair? Many who use these small machines do so because they’re not well off and they do multiple jobs in the city to make ends meet. This hits them so hard that some will simply give up and go on benefits, because they’ll be better off that way. And for what? The environment is helped, not harmed, by these small bikes as they reduce congestion and make a negligible impact on the environment – even according to TfL’s own figures. Please write in – it’ll only take you a few minutes and what happens in London has a nasty habit of happening elsewhere too. Submit your views on the Mayor’s draft Transport Strategy before 2nd October or lose your right to comment.’ Submit your views, BEFORE 2nd October, at: This charge effectively bans old bikes from London for anyone apart from the super-rich. Have your say now, or prepare for a desperate and unjust charge in the very near future. Contact MAG at 01926 844 064 or

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Lindsay @ 28/09/2017 23:26  

Nobody gave a rats ass when they did it to the vans and cost hundreds of small companys money including some of the BM members. But now MAG think they can stop this ? It too late they set this in motion when they 1st brought in the congestion charge and it will end up All drivers and riders will have to pay a premium to enter the centre of ALL city's a lot sooner than they will like. It will start with Diesels then petrol and Gas until its only electric power allowed into the city centres.

   Update Reply
JP @ 29/09/2017 15:14  

Cities will become ghost towns, m/c couriers will fade away and pizza and takeaway deliveries will be too expensive. I don't think motorcyclists will be the only objecters.

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Deleted Member @ 29/09/2017 19:26  

Stop being negative JP, people should fight for motorcycles rights

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 30/09/2017 13:27  

I'm not being negative just stating a fact nobody gave a toss when this all started as it didn't affect bikes but now it does Mag are complaining.
This was lost about 7 years ago when they took hundreds of vans and taxis off the roads in central London Its bikes next .

   Update Reply
JP @ 30/09/2017 15:01  

The only vehicles they want on the roads are their vehicles, buses, which you have to pay them to use, oh and the tube, which the terrorists can blow you to bits on.

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Deleted Member @ 30/09/2017 15:28  

As far as protesting any kind of legislation is concerned, I remember MAG organising protests against the helmet law back in the 70's and look how well they did with that. If the government want it, they will get it.

   Update Reply
Double six @ 30/09/2017 15:43  

Bill this is nothing to do with rights its down to pollution and cleaning up the air to meet EU bullshit

   Update Reply
JP @ 30/09/2017 16:40  

OMG, I wish I'd kept my hands in my pockets and never flipping posted! 

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 30/09/2017 19:07  

JP your wrong about protests with comercial vehicles in the London LEZ. There was a massive back lash so much in fact they gave it a stay of exicution for a few years and reclassified which vehicles were effected.

Yes cabbies and trucks were effected but on the whole the trucks were so old they were falling apart and the taxis were non disabled passanger compliant so were comng off the road any way.

It is a pity about the couier industry but thats been killed off many a year ago by the brazilans and polish undercutting every one to the point you couldnt earn a living. Hence why im on the tools again.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/09/2017 19:11  

So it was nothing to do with the number of London busses that would have been parked up and no services running as they couldn't replace them in time ? Linz I'm not having a dig at you we love you linz x

   Update Reply
JP @ 30/09/2017 19:31  

Possibly. But the LEZ goes back to the late 90's. The argument has been battling in London for a long time.

The problem with the bikes as I see it is there trying to rush this forward extra quickly. The mayor needs to be put back a notch as removing m/c's from London that are pre 2007 in 2020 is crazy. That's going to give most bike comuters less than 3 years notice there bikes can no longer be used. This will push many onto public transport which is already at its limits or people into there cars. Bikes are the future for a bulk of comuting or town transport because they simply use less space and allow personal travel cheaply and efficiently from the out of city towns. but the mayor isn't thinking about that.

Most people commuting to work are running older bikes. The average I'd imagine is about 10years old. After all would you want to leave a new £15k bike in a town centre whilst you work?

MAG in my opinion is doing the right thing with engaging with this issue. Because as we all know if London does it every where will follow.

The commercial vehicles got over 20 years notice so it didn't really harm the trade.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/09/2017 19:47  

Selina's right to highlight the issue for MAG.
The point you're making Stu, is also true...although it's worth remembering the number of exemption licences the City of London then issued to offending vehicles in order to get the shopping, food and alcohol in...!

As well as the buses, by the way.

The major issue has always been diesel emissions - not petrol.
London remains one of the most polluted cities in europe - as far as air quality is concerned.

Banning bikes is an easy win - it's about votes, not solutions.

   Update Reply
nickscafe @ 01/10/2017 07:42  

Hi Folks, the deadline for comment is
BEFORE 2 October 2017
(i.e.  TODAY really)

'nuff sed 

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 01/10/2017 11:57  

Just recived a letter from mayors press office.

Looks like the new ULEZ regulatons have been brought forward to April 2019. And just for fun there now starting a consultation on extending the congestion zone chargeing to the north and south circulars. With a view to bringing the ULEZ. Out that far.

So that basicly means if you now live just about anywhere inside the M25 and dont own an electric vehicle your basicly bolluxed. Looking grim for the rest if the country as i know Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, and Birmingham are also planning something similar.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 04/11/2017 09:54  

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