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I'm thinking of getting one of my bikes airbrushed. Haven't decided on design yet, but no skulls or grim reaper. Does anyone have any recommendations as to where to go?

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naomijr @ 20/09/2017 21:51  

Hi there, you could go for dragons with space dust or space emblem as a back ground, did one on an ex girfriends leather waist coat, it looks great.

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rocketboy @ 30/09/2017 19:54  

Finding someone to do it is biggest challenge

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naomijr @ 30/09/2017 21:48  

I think you also need to take into account that airbrushing is an 'art' and therefore it's not a quick, easy or indeed cheap choice.

Have you considered learning the 'art'? The link below may give you something to think about ...

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Lindsay @ 01/10/2017 16:06  

Friend of mine up here does it. Started with (mostly still does) ice hockey goalie helmets, but he's done bikes - sure madscots had some work done.
Not much help for being so far away, but there will be folk around even if they don't target the bike market specifically.

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izzyhill @ 01/10/2017 17:54  

I know a guy called Stig, he's one of Sickboyz Customs. Look for Tony Stig Pittuck on Facebook. He does all their painting,

As you can see, he's shit hot.

Just noticed my t-shirt.

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Deleted Member @ 02/10/2017 22:17  


He did mine 5 yrs again some of his stuff is unbelievable and his bikes just keep winning best paint at loads of shows

And he is a nice bloke and prices aren't as bad as you may think

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biker bloke @ 06/10/2017 15:17  

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