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General Chat/Anything Goes

So How Was Your Weekend?

So How Was Your Weekend? (3) - Forums [Biker Match] So How Was Your Weekend? (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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So How Was Your Weekend?

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It is beginning to be brilliant, new bike to try out <3 x

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Deleted Member @ 28/12/2017 23:24  

Far too much of a gentleman to say anything except.."Wouldn't you like to know..??"

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jinx57 @ 01/01/2018 00:53  

Tiring with the mileage, but relaxing and enjoyable. Was nice to have a second Christmassy meal but have it cooked for me, thanks Stuie! 😘

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Lindsay @ 07/01/2018 19:13  

Good and bad.

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Deleted Member @ 08/01/2018 09:46  

Busy....I slept soundly whilst lots of DIY going on around me...:)>

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jinx57 @ 08/01/2018 20:15  

Lovely weekend, with some excellent company. Looks like I have similar weekends planned for the rest of the month!!! 😊

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Lynne @ 09/01/2018 05:33  

A great weekend, a zip down to the local Get Geared & J&S which included giggling loudly at Stuie trying on an AlpineStar leather jacket, just to prove that they are a small fit.😂😂 The end of the sleeves were near his elbows and folk in the shop obviously thought he was a sarnie short of a picnic! (How true)😵. A meal out, followed by cinema on Saturday night.👍

Lazy Sunday morning, a ride up to Squires for a chat and giggles. Home and relaxation. What a lovely weekend, thanks Stuie😘

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Lindsay @ 15/01/2018 07:30  

Great weekend playing with my new little pussycat, she handles really well and she nearly run in and then I can try her in sports mode, Not taking her out today because I need to make more room in the garage for her, I'm also very tempted to buy a Tiger Cub so I have a whole family of Tigers and I would really have a streak of them. :-)

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Ragnar @ 15/01/2018 09:45  

Very blissful...;)>

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jinx57 @ 15/01/2018 10:11  

A side splitting, simply splendid Saturday, with a crazy bunch of BMers. What a hoot! Thanks for the invite She11.

I'm still buzzing ... Lol

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Lindsay @ 11/02/2018 18:47  

My head is still fragile

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Deleted Member @ 11/02/2018 22:41  

A Fabulous weekend with good Friends 👍

   Update Reply
Roughrider02 @ 26/02/2018 08:54  

Ditto Roughrider :)

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Deleted Member @ 26/02/2018 10:32  

Fantastic weekend, best one in ages. The National Autistic Society are well chuffed with us after all our hard work, and that's my good deed done for another year!!

ps: the band were absolute shite though :D

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Deleted Member @ 04/06/2018 13:45  

A Fabulous weekend with some great folk

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Roughrider02 @ 04/06/2018 22:10  

Absolutely EPIC!!!

What a laugh, Piracy and Gothic Morris Dancing. Life don't get any better!!

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Deleted Member @ 10/06/2018 21:05  

At times I love my life, weekends like this make life worth living :-)

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Deleted Member @ 10/06/2018 21:06  

Started off sad (memories) but is heaps better today, wee trip out and now some chilled tunes on and Sunday's good the noo!!! x

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Deleted Member @ 17/06/2018 15:58  

Sunday just gone: pure hell, from morning until late evening. Neighbours and their noise, police arrested two of them.
(Monday) pure bliss all day, until half 7, who let the fecking dogs out? Bark bark bark. Sometimes I'm glad I'm hard of hearing!

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Sandi @ 10/07/2018 02:58  

The weekend was excellent. Lots of miles, covered reasonably quickly, and an obscene amount of partying.

On the down side, I’m now 50 years old and should know better!! 😂

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Deleted Member @ 10/07/2018 23:09  

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