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Technical Motorbike Help

solenoide clicking

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solenoide clicking

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arr if its not one thing its another. here goes , when I press starter "on my gpx 600 " said solenoid clicks like billy o , battery fully charged, bike dosnt turn over , leads to battery,solenoide,starter cleaned , tried different solenoid still same thing . SO... any and all words of wisdom accepted . thanks for your time reading this , cheers colin

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vanguard @ 09/09/2017 18:37  

The battery is the obvious thing - have you got a multimeter to check the actual voltage across the terminals? Should be around 12.6v+ at rest

If the solenoid is clicking then it's working fine, so.....starter jammed? In gear and rock the wheels a bit to free it?

Or maybe a clutch or sidestand switch is not disengaging correctly, though I'm fairly certain this would stop the solenoid from activating, so a less likely cause

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Deleted Member @ 09/09/2017 19:08  

As said above id be checking the engine spins not locked up and that the starter isnt jamed for some reason. Also i would be checking the resitance on the wiring that powers the starter looking for a duff connection broken wire etc.

But first i would check the battery. Whats it like if jump started from another battery from anotyer bike or your car?

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Deleted Member @ 10/09/2017 08:26  

If you don't have access to a tester . Turn on the lights press the starter if lights go out its low battery or bad connection. This will work on side or brake light

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JP @ 10/09/2017 11:28  

I used to have an XJ650 with the same problem, used to carry a hammer to knock the end of the starter motor, hey presto used to work every time. (got an XJ900 starter in the end no more hammer carrying)

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feistygirl @ 10/09/2017 14:43  

Like everyone else, I'd double-check the battery first. I had a battery on my old VFR show as fully charged according to a voltmeter across the terminals, but it turned out to be incapable of delivering any meaningful current. I must admit it threw me for a while!

Ah, the Yam XJ650. My first proper 'big' bike, remembered with affection despite a few drawbacks. Starter motor was OK for me, but the weedy 6mm exhaust studs would shear off as soon as they even saw a spanner! Later XJs had 8mm studs, much more butch.

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Wills @ 11/09/2017 00:16  

hi guys thank you for all your advice, im changing solenoid,starter and battery . just waiting on mr nice postman . it was eather that or a 8lb hammer to technicaly adjust it . in mean time cleaning connectors and wires. ill let you know on out come. again many thanks for your time . cheers colin

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vanguard @ 13/09/2017 12:30  

I'd change things one by one to start with, so that you know in the end what the problem is. Starting with the battery - did you try jump leads, as someone suggested?
Good luck, anyway!

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Wills @ 13/09/2017 21:51  

I had the same problem on a different bike ( Aprilia Shiver ) problem turned out to be a bad electrical connection on the starter. It was tight, but not tight enough. I only found that out after I fitted a new stater solenoid and the problem obviously hadn't gone away!

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Deleted Member @ 18/10/2017 23:14  

It's not the volts in the battery you need but the amps. You can have a fully charged battery and the tester may well read 12 + volts but if it has no amps it will never start your bike. Try jumping it with a known good battery. If it starts it's the battery, if it still won't start and the solenoid still clicks chance's is you have a sticking starter motor.

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Moz666 @ 22/10/2017 13:44  

Moz, nice first post. Welcome to the site!

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Matt @ 24/10/2017 11:15  

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