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Technical Motorbike Help

1150RT oil return pipe

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1150RT oil return pipe

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2002 model. Hello all. The oil return pipe from the cooler to the sump has corroded and sprung a leak. I thought a quick bodge with rubber hose, cutting out the rotton section would be easy enough to get me away this weekend. Wrong...oil and temperature resistant tubing is rareer than unicorn shit in Hemel Hempstead and the surrounding areas. I've even tried hydraulic line makers but they are too thick, rigid and industrial. A bit of a long shot but has anyone got one they want to sell? I have looked in the usual places for one but I want to try and get one before the weekend. I may try to take it to a garage to see if they can cut, bend and weld a section in but I'm not hopeful in the time frame. Any other suggestions for a bodge fix appreciated too. Thank you :)

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sean chelmsford @ 22/08/2017 22:24  

Give motorworks a call. They have an awful lot of used ones in stock. So will save a fortune over the cost of a new one.

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Deleted Member @ 22/08/2017 23:49  

You could probably get a HEL stockist to make a braided stainless steel one for you, they do oil delivery pipes as well as brake lines now, I've seen the advertised.

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Imola72 @ 24/08/2017 23:13  

Thanks for the replies 
So far I've been to motor factors, car parts store, hydraulic pipe makers and couple of local engineeering works.  The only tubing with the o/s diam isn't temperture resitant above 80 dg C which I am guessing is just a touch low. 
I shall try the link and HEL route, but it looks like I shalln't be going away this weekend now.   I hope it rains all weekend but out my window, it's looking like it's going to be nice.  Gutted!

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sean chelmsford @ 25/08/2017 09:58  

Have you tried motorworks?

They are a BMW motorcycle breaker. The parts they stock are in good order and I know they have these pipes in stock. As they have broken at least 4 rt's in the last few months.

Delivery is reliable and they only deal with BMW's so they know what there doing.

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Deleted Member @ 25/08/2017 12:47  

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