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Dennyboo, i recommend a paperback book you could probably find cheap on Amazon or's called "Is That Thing A Diesel?" By Paul's very funny...:)
jinx57 @ 05/08/2017 10:09  

He wont talk to me anymore Yarg thinks theres summat wrong wi me and we know that's not true don't we !
dennyboo @ 05/08/2017 11:13  

Ill check that out Jinx cheers diesel bikes got to be heavy surely
dennyboo @ 05/08/2017 11:14  

@ Dennyboo just uploaded 4 pics of RE on my profile 2 of which it has 2 peoples camping gear on it [taken on trip down to South Wales]
The bike is a 500 cc Chrome Classic .The trip to S. Wales was 231 miles each way and with 80 miles or so run around while there used 25 litres of fuel [13.2 tank capacity]
The diesel bike that they make is a 350 cc and weighs same as mine at about 190 kgs [500lbs in English]
Quietman2 @ 05/08/2017 11:50  

wowzer thanks QM it look s like an original is chrome and paint ok ?
I could get into stuff like this
Bet the diesel bike is very slow as it wont have a turbo on will it ???
Carnt see them doing any good tbh but coud see someone like BMW doing something there
Appreciate the trouble you gone to thankyou
dennyboo @ 05/08/2017 12:37  

Think they still do the diesel bike rally,the big knock.

Dennyboo the oil splurge I get is not too serious just can't wear ma best pants on rides lol
It only does it on a very very hard ride and the discharge is a very light occasional mist,that you only notice when parked up. It doesn't affect performance or deplete oil in my tank.
There are apparently a few modifications you can perform,or it is something you get used to and just live with,as part of riding a Sporty
yorkie mick @ 05/08/2017 12:54  

There was a Dutch company making a conversion to fit into the 94 - 99 Triumph Tiger, three cylinder turbo diesel's the link..
jinx57 @ 05/08/2017 16:07  

OMG I have watched those videos Iam gob smacked thanks guys I don't believe I have never seen one on the road or anywhere else still stick with me petrol though lol
dennyboo @ 05/08/2017 17:03  

 Posts: 48       Pages: 3/3

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