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NEW FEATURE: BikerMatch APP on mobiles

NEW FEATURE: BikerMatch APP on mobiles (2) - Forums [Biker Match] NEW FEATURE: BikerMatch APP on mobiles (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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NEW FEATURE: BikerMatch APP on mobiles

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App still not functioning on my phone,so tried my daughter's brand new Samsung Galaxy...ditto...

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jinx57 @ 25/09/2017 20:30  

Try her phone again.
It's a new web feature and each browser implements it differently.
The norm is that you have to visit a website at least 2 times and minimum 5 minutes between each visit.
Then at some point during your visit the browser will prompt you to make it an app.
BM "captures" that prompt and adds it to the contact menu. If you don't see the prompt, it means your browser hasn't yet prompted you

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Matt @ 25/09/2017 20:41  

Oooh I've just logged on to new site, so I'm gonna try again on 5 mins and see if I get the pop up......

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xSuzix @ 30/09/2017 19:41  

I've got it I've just been mooching about on new site.... It works my head easier on mymobil.... Anyhow clicked on side menu tab and it said.... Add bm as app... So I clicked addand now I have a shortcut on my home screen.... Is this what you're on about Matt???......
I didn't get a pop up though

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xSuzix @ 30/09/2017 20:09  

Anyone got the 'app' to work on an iphone yet?
Tried it several times..

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Panuno @ 30/09/2017 20:14  

@Matt, you might want to try

Open Source mobile tester. It has at least a dozen different mobiles emulated online, including iphone 6 & 6+ in iOS 8.

Might help diagnosis.


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oddbod @ 01/10/2017 01:38  

Suzi - yea that's it. It adds a shortcut for you. It also opens up some possibilities for me in future (like instant message notifications when you get a PM).
Also when you open it, you usually get full-screen with no address bar etc, giving more of an "app" feel. Officially it's not an "App", it's a "Progressive Web App" and it is the future (you'll see a lot more sites like this in the future). Indeed there's no popup (actually there is, but you don't see it because the website "catches" it and stores it into the right-side nav panel).

Panuno - nobody has ever gotten anything working on iCrapple stuff. :-D

Oddbod - thanks! Nice tip mate. Welcome to the site

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Matt @ 02/10/2017 22:07  

Yes it's working fine Matt.... Only things i can notice is the send button when writing a message hangs abit over did of message so I have to jiggery-pokery it I type something I want to delete and its under the send button coz can't seem to get behind it if you see what I mean. And also no longer seem able to check nods or profile viewings?
It's really great having the shortcut on home screen much easier thank you and I prefer the layout of conversations too.... Not tried chat or search or forums just yet.....

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xSuzix @ 05/10/2017 19:10  

Thanks for the feedback.
I'll look into the send button. I thought I'd already fixed it to be honest.

Under My Account \ Profile you can see who viewed you and who you viewed.

It's no longer possible to view who nodded you. Each nod comes with a PM so just need to keep an eye on your PMs (and I couldn't find anywhere to put the nods list anymore)

   Update Reply
Matt @ 05/10/2017 21:50  

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