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BikerMatch Version 2 - It's happening!

BikerMatch Version 2 - It's happening! (22) - Forums [Biker Match] BikerMatch Version 2 - It's happening! (22) - Forums [Biker Match]
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BikerMatch Version 2 - It's happening!

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No Matt deleting them wS what caused the issue. I have the shortcut on home screen and when I did a history delete I think it must have deleted all the cached info etc and even when I tried clicking from old site it just would not do it..... Anyway eventually opened new site on Internet and then it asked me about adding app again so I did and deleted the old icon.....

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xSuzix @ 06/12/2017 19:37  

I'm sorted..... 😂 😂 😂

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xSuzix @ 06/12/2017 19:38  

Meant to add thank you Matt 😊 ..... Coz I is polite like that 😊..... But can't edit posts.... I'm guessing that's yet to be sorted as it keeps trying to throw me to old site!

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xSuzix @ 06/12/2017 20:14  

Fixed, kinda. It was saying how many photos you had uploaded within the past 7 days. So if you upload 1 photo every day, then on the 7th day it will say "Uploaded 7 photos".

I've changed it now to a count of the past 2 days.

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Matt @ 12/12/2017 23:18  

Hi Matt.... If I click on the icon to edit a post I've made, it throws up a box which just gives me choice to go to old website or stay on new website...... But no way of editing a post...... Is this normal??!

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xSuzix @ 13/12/2017 20:46  

Ahhhh OK thanks Catkins chick, I thought I'd seen something about that but thanks..... Do you mean I haven't needed to type three diff messages when it's happened ivoukd have just amended on old site..... Pmsl 😂 😂 😂 whoopsy 😝

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xSuzix @ 13/12/2017 21:12  

Hi Matt
on my Haynes breakfast ridein event there is a guy Steve who has used the "lift request" tab but as I found out when I hit the button it is not obvious if the person is offering or asking for a lift when you select the option.
Of course that does lead to texting one another and talking .

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Deleted Member @ 16/12/2017 00:54  

@ Andrew

I guess it's a bit old skool clunky...but the request lift button adds the person asking....hence the term request lift
There's then an option to offer a lift.

Could maybe change the text to say 'pick me up please'..but that could go a whole new route of meanings...

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nickscafe @ 16/12/2017 18:09  

Lmfaooo @ pick me up please 😄😄🤣🤣
Yes chickster Catkins I. A snugly thanks and have moved boaty to new prettier location..... Was fun doing the locks this coz treacherous ice everywhere and one our mates fell in 😰.... But all's well x

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xSuzix @ 16/12/2017 19:07  

Yes I saw the offer button, offers the lift to the requester, I was thinking of having an Open offer of giving a Pilly.

No worries. Just an idea, instead of loosing offers in one long list post they could be pertinant to the event.

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Deleted Member @ 18/12/2017 21:25  

Hi Matt, just come back onto the site after a few months break....had lots of things going on ... I left the old site, and have come back to the new - and, being someone who doesn't like change much, I am surprised to say I like it, very much! Bravo!

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Deleted Member @ 18/12/2017 22:04  

@ Andrew've lost me in the context of your question.
One long list doesn't work, in my opinion. Distance and venue will always be the two main priorities for an event.

For casual rideouts, a topic list of open offers might work.

Each requester and offerer (?) have approx distances from the event and from the user viewing the event at the time.
That makes things clearer, surely? It narrows down choices to practical options and common sense.
The event is usually supported with a forum topic as the date gets nearer. Offers can be added to that as an option.

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nickscafe @ 18/12/2017 23:10  

I don't seem to be able to add a new forum topic...... Filled in title..... Filled in box below...... Then nothing.... No button or anything obvious to actually post it
Am I missing something??!! Thank you muchly fir any help.....

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xSuzix @ 24/12/2017 16:50  

Hahahahaha ya nutta Catkins 😁😁😁😁 love it..... Yesssss that reply is spotty onny thanking you muchios grassy aress...... I'm on mobi so I did wonder if I might have to go via old site
But what if I get lost and can't find my way back..... Arrrrrggghhhhh.... I'll leave a trail of crumbs...... 😂 😂. Thank you chickster and hope you had a lovely Christmas day yesterday x

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xSuzix @ 26/12/2017 09:09  

Matt you need to change the settings on the forums when you click on ALL TOPICS that's NOT what you get you get the default setting. This results in multiple threads being started on the same topic.

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JP @ 29/12/2017 07:03  

Hi Matt, I raised the following as part of the 'Query - Lift Requests/Offers' thread I posted on 30.12.17 and I think it may get overlooked in favour of the bigger issue, but would appreciate it, if this could be looked at when you have a minute or two to rub together;

"btw, had to post this via the old site, as the drop down list for 'new post' doesn't give the forum 'BM Website/issues/Help Requests' as an option".

I haven't wanted to post a new topic for this section in the past as I have been posting onto the generic BM V2 thread (ie this one!) so I haven't noticed this issue prior to last night.

I thought that the lifts/offers issue was perhaps a little more important than my usual queries/gripes so wanted it to be a new thread. It took ages before it clicked that it may work on the old site! 😊

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Lindsay @ 31/12/2017 10:41  

I have raised this issue before, not so long ago actually. The notifications page is very slow. It has a lag of between 1 and 2 hours before notifying what members are doing onsite. Matt, you fobbed it off that it could be my internet speed or the settings on my device, but as I told you then, all of my devices are fully up to date and when in chatroom, the site works in realtime no problem. Perhaps you might admit it isn't always the end user that has the fault and that the source is where the fault lies.
After reading other complaints about the forums and site navigation issues, it occurs to me that perhaps you have released this new version too soon.

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double six @ 01/01/2018 13:40  

I have just tried to look at the search events page from my iMac and all that happens is the site freeze's, its the same with January's events and Todays Birthday's, however the Add Events page seems to work fine.
Anyone got any ideas, apart from trashing the iMac.

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Tezza1958 @ 01/01/2018 18:48  

Teeza, HAPPY NEW YEAR 😊 I won’t suggest contacting the site owner or the geek mod ! I have over an issue that I and others have asked to be looked at and rectified!?!
Not even been shown the courtesy of an acknowledgement 😡

   Update Reply
555byker @ 01/01/2018 18:57  

Hey Tez..... Events works OK on my mobile so I don't know what to suggest..... I think Matt will look at these things..... Hope it sorts fir you

   Update Reply
xSuzix @ 01/01/2018 19:41  

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