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Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

-Matt, Admin


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BikerMatch Version 2 - It's happening!

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It's BLUE now but you found it too Facebook-y
Matt @ 14/04/2017 14:27  

Well I found it nice and straight flaw is that I couldn't find Hugh Jackman!!!

Colour is fine for me too :-)
rowanblossom @ 14/04/2017 15:28  

Can't we have a couple on Home page stood next to a Triumph,Norton,CCM...?Wee bit more patriotic...?(UK site after all)
I can lend you a Triumph(or 3) if necessary..:)>
jinx57 @ 14/04/2017 19:34  

More pages & features added:
Matt @ 18/04/2017 23:43  

No lilac background, BM's trademark?
Sandi @ 19/04/2017 12:50  

Jo, if you find Hugh Jackman let me know

Matt, looks good to me I personally liked the green but surely it's your 'baby' and you should make the decision?

Lindsay @ 19/04/2017 12:56  

if I find the great HJ I won't be telling anyone!!!!!Only thing I noticed different was the facebook thingy type oojamacallit popping up (I don't have a facebook account so can't test this).

rowanblossom @ 19/04/2017 13:35  

facebook thing removed. Was just for testing
Matt @ 19/04/2017 14:29  

Estimated Labour Hours: 233.
Already completed: 45.
Percent complete: 19%.
Estimated completion date: 26/06/2017
Matt @ 19/04/2017 14:44  

26th June is my birthday!

I wonder if I'll get to keep the lilac as a birthday pressie?
(Worth a try)
Sandi @ 19/04/2017 15:09  

Sending a big slice of birthday cake may smooooth the way to keeping it how you want Sandi
Neophyte @ 19/04/2017 21:22  

Neo', you have no idea what you're suggesting I do. part with a slice of cake? Impossible! I didn't get this shape by giving away cake
Sandi @ 20/04/2017 09:02  

Looks the way RB...Hugh is mine..he's promised
Joey05 @ 23/04/2017 20:01  

Couple more pages made. Just starting with the smaller pages for now.

Also making the site extremely secure, even if it means losing some functionality.

Note: The beta site is currently running a backup database from last week so keep that in mind.

Browse Profiles:

Profile search:

New staff page:

Login Page:

Contact Page:
You can also use the side-bar on the RIGHT to fill in a mini-form and send us a quick message

Help/FAQ page:


Fixed loads of bugs also.

Making much progress...
Percent complete: 21%.
Estimated completion date: 24/07/2017
Matt @ 25/04/2017 17:00  

Matt if there as they will look in the finished product you need to proof read them I just looked at contact page and have noticed 2 things where words start on 1 line and finish on the next.

It's in this bit
Bringing friendly UK motorcycle enthusiasts together since 2006. Events, social, dating, news and more.

JP @ 25/04/2017 18:11  

do you mean that you see the word broken over 2 lines?

Like this> Hel

Matt @ 26/04/2017 15:36  

Yes matt
JP @ 26/04/2017 18:00  

kamagira @ 29/04/2017 12:24  

Just to let you know that the server will be up and down over the coming weeks. Quite regularly actually. I will only post here any special announcements if I expect the downtime to be more than a few seconds.

I'm upgrading a lot of the infrastructure, or hoping to if all goes to plan.

What might you notice? Sometimes you might get a "page not found" error, but if you refresh it will hopefully be visible. Or some "page timed out" errors for example.

I'm logging all errors at the moment and will investigate anything which is unexpected.

Thanks for your understanding
Matt @ 22/05/2017 18:48  

Thanks for the warning, Matty-Moo
Catkins @ 23/05/2017 00:55  

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