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Hello, I don't post much here but I'm off work with an ear infection, now whilst I feel relativly well in myself, I can sit up for about 5 minutes and look at a PC for about 30 seconds before the drunken whirly type effects make me want to re-visit breakfast. So what can I do? I'm so bored and theres only so much day time TV I can watch.

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xshastax @ 13/11/2007 05:10  

For a start, don't watch daytime tv, infact don't watch any tv, unless its bike racing or grand prix ! As for re-visiting breakfast, drink copious amounts of fresh orange, tastes so much nicer when it revisits the interior of your mouth !! hope that helps, hee hee !!

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Nutkin68 @ 13/11/2007 10:03  

My sympathies shasta, I've got a viral infection, was taken unwell on Monday with headache, vomiting and earache. First two have gone but the earache keeps popping up, which is odd cos doc said I don't have an infection in my ears. Can you read and write while laying down? Do you read magazines/books and/or do crosswords? Is there anyone who can keep you company, play a game of cards with, or even read TO you, or just chat to keep you company? Listen to radio/talking books? I hope you feel better soon

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Sandi @ 14/11/2007 04:41  

Thanks Kwak! Off again today, I've been watching DVDs and sleeping alot. my legs hurt really bad, doc says apparently it's a viral infection not an infection. My face swelling has gone down as well but I have a stinking headache. My dog has been looking after me quite alot! he keeps giving me hugs hehehehe. I think the most annoying thing is I can't train at the moment which is gutting and I doubt I'll be up to speed when I get back either. Plus someone at my work, isn't happy i'm off and is making life difficult. Some people suck.

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xshastax @ 14/11/2007 05:39  

Don't you have pain relief for the headaches, or are you having trouble keeping stuff down? Did your doc give you something for the nausea too? What are you training for? Don't worry, whatever it is, you've got a valid reason for falling behind so your colleagues/boss should give you all the suport you need when you return to work. Ignore the silly billy at work, they're probably worried that cos you're not there they actually have to do some work for a change lol Aww bless your dog

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Sandi @ 14/11/2007 06:10  

The doc has just told me to take co-codamol and keep taking diclofenac (Got a smashed up wrist) to help with the swelling in my face, but diclofenac makes me feel a bit icky if I don't eat with it and the dizzyness is making eating hard, if that makes sense. Training as in gym type stuff, for no other reason other than I hope by the time BMF comes I can buy some smaller leathers hehehehehe. I'm only a bit fed up as I've been hitting it hard and lost a good stone in just over a couple of months! These things tend to need consistant going otherwise you tend to get lax etc. The only thing i'm mildly concerned about work is getting all the University applications in, but that should be ok!

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xshastax @ 14/11/2007 07:49  

Shasta are you dieting? Lack of food, as I'm sure you are aware, can also cause light-headedness. I can't take 2 co-codamol tabs as it makes me feel sick so I take one co-codamol and one paracetamol (suggested by my doctor) and it prevents it. Personally I'm not the sporty type, I get tired out if I have to blink

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Sandi @ 15/11/2007 03:26  

no no, don't do dieting just training. I eat about 5 or 6 very small meals a day with at least 6 bits of fruit, tuna steak, veg etc. I don't do the hunger thing, no point in it!

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xshastax @ 15/11/2007 04:22  

Give RC your fone number for a chat - and watch that daytime TV become 1000x more appealing!!!


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Matt @ 15/11/2007 11:55  

ROFLMHO Ooo Matt, brace yourself I sense a *slap* coming your way, courtesy of R C

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Sandi @ 15/11/2007 12:04  

lol matt you can say that theres the English Channel seperating you from RC'S boots !!!!!!!!

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storm @ 15/11/2007 15:40  

just 4 u matt

Is het de rode of de groene knoop die de bom ontmantelen.

Als ik jou mijn telefoonnummer geef, zou je het houden of weggooien?

Als je denkt dat ik daarvoor betaal dan krijg je iets anders boven op!

Dat is de derde keer deze week dat één van de patienten spontaan is gaan uitbarsten.

Je bent niet dronken zolang je op de grond kan liggen zonder ergens vast aan te houden.

Alstublieft, kunt u me vertellen of de duivel hier woont?

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RC @ 16/11/2007 09:59  

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oggy @ 16/11/2007 18:13  

I have 2 co-codamol 4 tmes a day, diclofenac 3 times a day, but its the co-codamol gives me a light head a dry mouth and garbled speech but only for about half an hour then I am fine. But in that half hour I forget about the bloody pain in me back and legs cos I am concentrating on getting my co-ordination right lol!!! Mind you if I want to have a drink I dont take the tablets cos you cant drink with them boringggggggggggggg

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Mazza @ 16/11/2007 18:36  

matt will tell u what they all mean lol

   Update Reply
RC @ 16/11/2007 18:48  

BLOODY HELL!! They sound great!! Can you let me have some Mazza??

   Update Reply
oggy @ 16/11/2007 18:49  

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