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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Yorkshire Rock Bike - 10th - 12th August 2017 -

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Yorkshire Rock Bike - 10th - 12th August 2017 -

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I'm gonna be there, I will have a stall. Please come and say hi if u see me
She11 @ 05/06/2017 21:16  

Will come over and see you, what you selling ?
JP @ 20/06/2017 17:52  

I'll be selling pop up box cards, mixed media art some jewellery and other handmade bits. I know cards sounds boring but they are different
She11 @ 20/06/2017 20:29  

oooh jewellery ....................... any dolphins or penguins ?
Brummie Jackie @ 22/06/2017 10:23  

Sea Lions eat them
JP @ 22/06/2017 17:01  

I thought for you JP it would be, See Lion Bars, Eat Them.
Ragnar @ 22/06/2017 17:23  

I didnt think you would sus me that fast lol

JP @ 22/06/2017 17:46  

Stop being Penguinphobics !
Brummie Jackie @ 22/06/2017 21:41  

Bbq penguin wings and Smoked dolphin flippers 
JP @ 23/06/2017 06:51  

You lot planning on ram raiding Flamingo land or summat?

Come on peeps, this is a great weekend.

Tickets are available online, at Squires and I believe at The Lion in Castleford £20 prebook and £25 OTG.
Lindsay @ 25/06/2017 18:36  

Yes we will be using bj as a battering ram will you be staying over this year or are you doing the posh rally camping at home lol
JP @ 26/06/2017 07:20  

Oi Old Person ............... i can read you know !
Brummie Jackie @ 26/06/2017 10:23  

That somethink new lol
JP @ 26/06/2017 16:41  

Camping's not much fun I like a comfy bed. Mmmm wonder if there's a nice b&m nearby lol
She11 @ 27/06/2017 19:11  

There is a decent hotel about a mile away on the main road or there are a few B&Bs in the village
JP @ 27/06/2017 20:11  

JP, I can't win; I camp and get told off for keeping the campsite awake

I come home to my lovely comfy bed, so you can all sleep soundly, and I'm told I'm baling on the party.

Guess I'm going to have to stay under canvas, and tape my big gob up

Lindsay @ 27/06/2017 21:59  

I bet you will not be able to keeo me awake all night Lindsey and I challenge you to try with your shouting.
Ps,Just so you have the right tent, I'll be sharing JP's tent.
Ragnar @ 28/06/2017 14:37  

Lindsay, my tent will be invisible lol
Brummie Jackie @ 28/06/2017 15:42  

How can you make a barn invisible
JP @ 28/06/2017 17:05  

Time off, dog sitter, ticket! Yayyy this year I'm there! First one since the great flood!! Bit less of me than at xmas lunch!!!
intonet @ 01/07/2017 21:22  

 Posts: 175       Pages: 2/9

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