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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out


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So Boo, you gonna take the challenge n sort an event?  Let's see what ya made of man! 

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Lindsay @ 25/07/2017 18:56  

oooh Lindsay love it when your a dom he he busy next few weeks tbh I will try and find a spare date to do a run on and post it then just to prove to you lol but one condition you've got to come no excuses

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dennyboo @ 25/07/2017 21:21  

That sounds like a challenge, which I would love to take up However I may have a slight problem, my chauffeur may not be available oh yeah n other issue is that all the bikes are off the road atm.

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Lindsay @ 25/07/2017 21:38  

mmm sounds like your coming with me then he he hold on lol x

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dennyboo @ 25/07/2017 21:43  

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Deleted Member @ 25/07/2017 22:32  

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