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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Night out in Shrewsbury

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Night out in Shrewsbury

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Dam at TT never mind
shelleygirl @ 11/04/2017 15:57  

aww Shellygirl, if this one goes ok maybe do another one later in the year you'll be able to come to.xx
smiler2964 @ 11/04/2017 16:02  

Not going to be able to make this
As im going to become a grandad on the 4th and yes i was a teen bride
Deleted Member @ 11/04/2017 19:49  

Cant make this one either , at the TT
Will have to find Shellygirl and have a commiseratery drink...
feylin @ 11/04/2017 20:08  

Stupid Q time..... can't see this do up on events on my mobi. However when click on BJ's link can add myself to the do. If I search events it does come up but shows all in red on mobi but is not shown on calendar itself. Anyone else getting this....?
Catkins @ 12/04/2017 06:57  

Yes Catkins I was doing the same on my laptop not showing in events I went of the link to add my name
Deleted Member @ 12/04/2017 07:23  

As you can see not awake and I haven't got my second eyes on lol :))
Deleted Member @ 12/04/2017 07:24  

Cos at mo folk can only add themselves to the do if they see this thread. Well, there's you n me, chick! Is it cos o summat Mr Matt has been up to with his tectonic plate shiftings on the site....mayhaps.
Catkins @ 12/04/2017 07:48  

Aww bless Firetrap. Lets hope it comes early then you can come and wet the baby's head.

Thanks BJ for the link as its still not up on events.

smiler2964 @ 12/04/2017 10:47  

Should be there for all to see now :)
Brummie Jackie @ 12/04/2017 12:58  

Just taken a look Jackie on the calendar, it isn't on there and i have cleaned me glasses !!.
DAVE VM @ 12/04/2017 13:32  

Think.I' that weekend :(.
JP @ 13/04/2017 17:42  

Aww jp change your weekend and you and Sharon come to Shrewsbury.

Been looking at a couple of places for nosh on Saturday but how many are thinking of being up on the Friday for a practice run
smiler2964 @ 16/04/2017 12:30  

Me, me, me....I'll be there for Friday night warm up
Catkins @ 16/04/2017 17:09  

Myself and his lordship will hopefully be up for that
Tinkytinkerbell @ 16/04/2017 17:32  

I'll come Friday all being well
Roughrider02 @ 16/04/2017 21:11  

ooo looks like the old gang doing the two nights again, just hope i can keep up with you this time lol.
smiler2964 @ 18/04/2017 09:46  

Doubt be able to make it for the Fri evening but hoping can make it for the Saturday lunch. Looking forward to meeting other BM'ers
Neophyte @ 18/04/2017 18:01  

Hey Neo no worries about Friday just hope you can make Saturday and meet a great bunch of peeps.
You might know the pubs in Shrewsbury better than i do so any recommendations shout up
smiler2964 @ 18/04/2017 21:43  

 Posts: 142       Pages: 3/8

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