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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Barmouth camp Sept 2017

 Barmouth camp Sept 2017 (19) - Forums [Biker Match]  Barmouth camp Sept 2017 (19) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Barmouth camp Sept 2017

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First BM event I've been to by car for a while, but just as much fun
Great meet old friends and make new ones, and apologies to anyone who slipped through the net.
I may have come back nice and dry, but I've still got a roomful of wet tent drying out ready for packing away

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Wills @ 24/09/2017 21:19  

Another excellent weekend with fab folk.

Glyn so glad you braved the rain to join us.

Yarg just rem i save slaps for dishing out at any time !!!

Ivan was the star, not so naked twister and space hopping, what can i say

Thanks to every one who came and annoyed me

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Brummie Jackie @ 25/09/2017 10:48  

Pick on someone ya own size, Bully!

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Deleted Member @ 25/09/2017 15:26  

Was lovely to meet some new mates (even BJ), weather was iffy for a start but got better.

JPs rideout was good, some lovely coastal views and nobody got killed which was a bonus.
Will be doing it again once I get some better kit, missed the sleep too much.

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Deleted Member @ 25/09/2017 15:31  

Yarg - thats another 1 to add !!!!

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 25/09/2017 15:39  

For every slap I get I,m gonna give you a great big kiss!
Let that be a lesson to ya!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 25/09/2017 15:42  

mmmmm thats got me thinking now !!!

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 25/09/2017 16:05  

Heya BJ and JP thanks for a great weekend, really enjoyed meeting so many new peeps and catching up with some friends made on the Nights Out events. Will definitively be looking out for the next do ...
Keep well n warm till then everybody XXX

   Update Reply
JayDeeRed @ 25/09/2017 18:30  

hope to see you both at the hallowistmas do Sam Van

   Update Reply
JP @ 25/09/2017 18:50  

I got back early this afternoon after a little detour to Yorkshire for a nice ruby (thanks Sally) then dragged off to the pub for a birthday beer by a mate and now I can sent a post. 
Thanks to everyone that shouting the birthday song in my direction (without any tune at all), for the card and my pink birthday cake and watching Mandy cut it with a spoon.
Great company, great ride out (thanks JP & Steve). Great weekend and a great way to spend my birthday.
My birthday falls on a Monday next year, so you all better book a extra day off work.

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Ragnar @ 25/09/2017 20:05  

Just go for a week

   Update Reply
JP @ 25/09/2017 20:19  

It was a brilliant weekend, Thank you for organising it. It was a brilliant rideout on Saturday, even though they tried to loose me . But I'm too old and wise for that .

   Update Reply
davidneale @ 25/09/2017 21:22  

Hi guys great time at Barmouth ,sorry it was a short stay but enjoyed my time with ya`s.good to see old and new Bm`rs..Can i upload photos to events ?can i FOOK.on my profile photo wall if you want a look .only embarassment was me lol.kept them in.,Catchya soon,Marty.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 26/09/2017 20:21  

It was good to meet you for the first time and hopefully not the last, great company mate.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 26/09/2017 21:19  

Photies uploaded, albeit in the wrong order. That's my OCD playing up again

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 27/09/2017 19:37  

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