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MCN Fantasy League

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MCN Fantasy League

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Per usual, I've set up a BM Fantasy League:

I've joined MCN Fantasy Road Race at <o:p></o:p> and I bet that my team, Stells Troopers, will beat any team you can put together! <o:p></o:p> Join my mini-league if you think you've got the best managerial mind . Go to the game at and go to 'Register to Play', pick your team then use the ‘mini-league admin' option to join my mini-league.<o:p></o:p> The details you need are:
League Name:
BM League
League password:
bmleague123 <o:p></o:p> It's simple and free!

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Holmfirthgirl @ 17/02/2017 10:40  

Team submitted Stella, looking forward to a good season.

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Deleted Member @ 17/02/2017 11:40  

SEE IF I CAN IMPROVE ON LAST YEARS .STELLA`ll be harder as everyones on a difff bike.

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Deleted Member @ 22/02/2017 18:31  

A friend of mine does this. I've never had a go. Complete newbie! Can I join too?? x

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Deleted Member @ 26/02/2017 17:46  

Just seen they cancelled the fantasy road race but seemingly put it back on ?? a well head down again .dont think it disrupted any scores?

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Deleted Member @ 14/03/2017 19:08  

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