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Advanced rider training

Advanced rider training - Forums [Biker Match] Advanced rider training - Forums [Biker Match]
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Advanced rider training

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Looking for some training before the new season?
DVSA registered post-test trainer available at sensible rates.
Mainly SW Midlands but can travel.
Structured courses after initial assessment.
Advanced test prep up to RoSPA Gold/IAM Masters level if you're not in an IAM or RoSPA group.

Hoping this is the right place to advertise (admin?).

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Thickbrit @ 15/02/2017 00:13  

Hello mate, nice to hear you offering a bit of additional training, I'm a member of the local IAM, was RoSPA Gold, let it lapse (stupidly) but that group were more Flat Cap and Tweed Jacket than the IAM car Drivers group are ... boring old farts ... not all groups are the same of course. Wish you were a bit closer, would like to regain my RoSPA.

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2017 19:51  

Hi live in north london, ive pm you, hope you can help .

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Deleted Member @ 16/02/2017 14:21  

What are the advantages of having this?

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Deleted Member @ 16/02/2017 19:37  

When was the last time you did any training, Yarg. We never know everything ...

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Deleted Member @ 16/02/2017 22:05  

Every time I go out on my bike, its all experience although I,ve been riding for 43 years and every ride can throw up new challenges, its all training.

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Deleted Member @ 16/02/2017 22:16  

I asked the question because I would like to know if there are advantages such as cheaper insurance, not any sort of criticism.

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Deleted Member @ 16/02/2017 22:20  

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