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Comfy Seat

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Comfy Seat

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Try telling Mistress Whiplash that...:/>
jinx57 @ 22/01/2017 19:21  

Anybody tried these seat pads?? if so,any comments??

(Called 3um3ags4Bikers)
jinx57 @ 22/01/2017 19:23  

With regards gel pad seat inserts, I can honestly say they work, trips to Valencia no bum ache before I could get the seat modified I used £1 shop neck cushions on a trip to Italy, both air and bead worked great but when I had to bump start the air one burst (John Imola, if ya want a cruise in the slow lane, max 4mph, get in touch )
555byker @ 25/01/2017 10:18  

The seat on my Street glide cvo looks uncomfortable but is "anything but" when riding short or long distance.
Also put a single Sundowner on the Sportster XL 1200c and it works great in counteracting aching ass syndrome. H D certainly got those two right in my opinion.
56Steve @ 25/01/2017 17:19  

Hi Paul (555byker) how's it going? Still got the VFR's? I'm rarely happy below about 50mph, that's about 3,000 revs in top anything less and I'm in the lower ratios.
Imola72 @ 25/01/2017 20:06  

Hi John, yes I've got and use them, the cruise is on the L&L Canal 55 footer, 38hp, 4mph @1500rpm lol or just a tea or coffee anytime:-)
555byker @ 26/01/2017 13:42  

That sounds like a tranquil experience, unfortunately i'm stuck in work 5 days a week where it's anything but :-)
Imola72 @ 26/01/2017 19:10  

That sounds like a tranquil experience, unfortunately i'm stuck in work 5 days a week where it's anything but :-)
Imola72 @ 26/01/2017 19:10  

All sorted, A Corbin seat come up on eBay and I just won it.
Thanks for your views on seats folks
Ragnar @ 31/01/2017 19:47  

After doing quite a few miles now,i can happily say that instead of spending large amounts of cash on getting seats rebuilt or pricey custom ones,save yourself grief and use this link...
A natural product,in a tough outer covering,secured by straps with velcro ends(but adaptable to fit almost anything)..not a thing of beauty, but WORKS!
A 360+ mile weekend,i deliberately took it off for last leg homewards,and 'numb-bum'set in very fast...they're cheap,effective,but like comfy underpants not pretty...ride safe,Jinx
jinx57 @ 11/04/2017 22:59  

I had an Airhawk, which was good. I've recently just put a sheepskin on - which so far seems even better!
Of course you do have to put up with some odd looks and mickey taking, but so far it's working better than the Airhawk.
Came from Lambland on Amazon, £19 and it's big enough to cover a pillion too, though I cut mine down to just fit the front.
Panuno @ 20/04/2017 09:40  

 Posts: 31       Pages: 2/2

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