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NEW FEATURE: Forums v2

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I'm with Jinx - crap on a pc or phone at the best of times :( Cant even get the emoticons to work on the posts lol....
I'll get there

Joey05 @ 20/09/2016 17:33  

Being thick, how do I change my profile pic now?
Sorry x

Joey05 @ 20/09/2016 17:38  

Is it just me but if it is RED for removed and GREEN for included then why are the most used categories highlighted in red when I sign in?
I can still get to them by just clicking on them
Is it because these are the ones that get most use [like favourites?]
Quietman2 @ 20/09/2016 18:16  

Joey - head over to your own profile, click photos, open a photo and there you'll see a little menu button. Open that and you can rotate or delete your phone, and of course set as your main profile pic.

Quietman - Whenever you go to "Active Topics" (in the old design) it used to always exclude general chat, birthday wishes, jokes etc because them forums are often not bike-related and tend to "spam" the active topics page (all the word games). it was decided a very long time ago to exclude them from the active topics page. Now we have no "active topics" page because it's just a single-page overview. But, by default I've set it to exclude chit-chat topics. Of course you can hit the "ALL" button to bring up all the topics if that's what you're interested in.

I'm almost finished with the new "posts" page now (when you open a topic and see all the posts). I think 1 or 2 days max. I'm quite chuffed at how fast I've got all this done around my day-job
Matt @ 20/09/2016 20:14  

If anyone would like to try the NEW display of posts, please try it here:

It's very much in a draft state, but close to being finished.

I'm particularly interested in testing it on mobiles/tablets.

Hope you like it!
Matt @ 20/09/2016 21:18  

I'm with Rowanblossom
, I cant even find chat ! Need it to be at the top - or somewhere easily seen
for peeps like me !
Brunette Biker @ 20/09/2016 21:54  

And now Ive just posted that.... I CAN SEE CHAT !

yep you can say ffs lol !
Brunette Biker @ 20/09/2016 21:56  

Ok here goes.... it's still in "beta" or draft version but it's close to being ready. I've therefore decided to throw it online and see what kind of feedback I get about it.

Key notes compared with previous version:

>Now mobile-friendly
>Much faster and less heavy on the server
>Post a reply from within the page (no need to load new page)
>Much cleaner and more modern look.
>More secure than the old code
>Automatic hyperlinking

In order to make it more secure and mobile-friendly I've also had to remove the ability to post anything other than text and smileys. So no more bullet point lists, font colours/sizes/styles etc

I know some dinosaurs will stamp their feet to begin with, but just give it a few minutes and trust me you'll like it. Especially if you're in the 80% using the web with a smartphone and not a PC. The old layout was completely unusable.

Any requests, bugs etc - Post them here please.

Matt @ 21/09/2016 15:21  

I like the new layout, the look is good, BUT I'm getting pd off having to keep clear the categories and then click on category I want (Generally general chat or jokes) and when I post something and want to read or post something in the same category I have to start all over again adding or clear it again to get back into the general chat or jokes.
I know why you blocked then so the jokes and games don't keep taking the top spots. fair enough.
But lets be honest it's only the General Chat, Jokes and Games and the Ride Outs which folks post on regular.
RB posts on the Birthday thread everyday and sometimes someone else may add to it and the Motorcycle News and Motorcycle Racing haven't see a new post in two and a half months.
So is there anyway where we can have it where we can preset what we want and not having to go though this rigmarole each and every time?
Ragnar @ 21/09/2016 16:17  

Matt..have to agree,mucho bueno improvemento,clearer format,can even do this on p.c. without my reading glasses,mille grazie..:)>
jinx57 @ 21/09/2016 16:31  

Thanks. Let me know what you think on mobile
Matt @ 21/09/2016 18:17  

Hi Matt, earlier on I was navigating around the site via the forums and I noticed that I could see what, if any, chat was going on in the chatroom. It appeared as it used to at the top left of the page with the last few lines of conversation showing. Now it has gone. Is this by design or by coincidence? I like the new layout but it would be good to have the chat feature back if possible.

double six @ 21/09/2016 21:37  

It's by design at the moment. I'm working on something entirely new which will put all active visitors of the website immediately in the chat, which will also follow you from page to page
Matt @ 21/09/2016 21:51  

No worries, was taken aback a little knowing I had seen the 'chatter' in the top left of the forum threads pages.
double six @ 21/09/2016 21:57  

Overall, i honestly find it a wee bit quicker to skip about from topic to topic,and post to post,still getting used to 'rapid entry' on Chat,but for a total eejit,i think i'm doing if we can just find a way to stop me cocking up answers to word games,we're sorted...9/10 Matt..well done-ish(high praise indeed ) :)>
jinx57 @ 21/09/2016 22:36  

Yep, all a lot tidier and more mod looking, Matt but I agree with Rags on all the points he's raised. Well said, Rumba Pantz. I have switched to the laptop cos is much easier on laptop rather than my mobile.
Catkins @ 21/09/2016 23:04  

Yeah  i have to agree with Ragnar aswell !! Well put Ragnar 
Roughrider02 @ 21/09/2016 23:12 for me better on phone format too,Matt....can we build in spell checker too please..haha
jinx57 @ 21/09/2016 23:45  

It would have been so much quicker to just say "Matt, is it possible to make it remember which forums we select?"

And the answer is YES

I can make it so that whatever categories you've selected, it will remember for as long as you are logged in.

When you logout (or timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity) then it will reset again

Sound ok?
Matt @ 22/09/2016 16:04  

Fixed! Forum topics search page now remembers which forum categories you had selected previously.

(This same "fix" I'll be applying to the profiles-search page soon - next on my massive to-do list)

Matt @ 22/09/2016 16:20  

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