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restore black trim

restore black trim - Forums [Biker Match] restore black trim - Forums [Biker Match]
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restore black trim

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Ok guys here is a tip for restoring faded black plastic trim whether its on your bike or car, don't bother with expensive back to black spray instead use smooth peanut butter don't laugh it works try it, just rub on sparingly and then wipe off. If you like peanut butter its a win win use on your sandwiches and your bike, mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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ninjaturbo @ 27/06/2016 08:26  

Not wasting peanut butter on my bike. I'd rather a dull bike and a full belly :-)

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Deleted Member @ 27/06/2016 18:23  

Tried peanut butter on some trim on my Land Rover and it works!

A heat gun is the best way but if you can't take the trim off or its not a good area to apply heat then peanut butter is the one.

The rest of the jar can be applied to stodgy white bread too

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Diesel Pete @ 27/07/2016 07:58  

Bio oil can work for small areas, but its expensive.

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guynearllandrindodwells @ 12/11/2016 21:00  

What about scratches in gloss black fairings? Any tips?

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Matt @ 13/11/2016 09:29  

Afternoon Matt.

I've always used a steady hand and a black indelible marker pen and once dry, have gone over lightly with cheap furniture spray polish. It works well but is not exactly an invisible fix if scrutinised up close. I've now just had a fairing respray (looks great) but the marker pen was a good fix for years. I tried a paint pen but that was a nightmare. Good luck and i hope, whatever you do, it looks better and you're happy. Best regards...icey

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iceybusa @ 16/11/2016 14:50  

thanks man, great tip!

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Matt @ 23/11/2016 08:27  

I have to ask.... how did you discover this worked?

   Update Reply
Wee T @ 27/11/2016 10:38  

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