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Events Approval

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Events Approval

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Hi, do you get notified if the event you submitted to the calendar is not approved?

Thanks x

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Deleted Member @ 09/06/2016 11:36  

At the moment that's a no.

I've asked Matt if he'd look into some kind of notification for when an event you submitted was enabled, but don't know if it's on the cards or not.

Given the volume of events submitted it's just not practical for me to let folk know if an event has been approved.

If it's not going to get approved, I have in the past pm'd the individual telling them why and asking that they resubmit it - generally speaking they never get around to resubmitting it though, so now, if at all possible, I'll edit and correct the event before approving it rather than not approve, or ask the submitter to try again. It's more work for me in a way, but less hassle in another way.

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Deleted Member @ 09/06/2016 13:09  

I submitted one on Sunday (was under impression it is displayed after 3 days) but can submit it again if it has disappeared, just thought seeing as it was a music event it wasn't approved and don't want to keep on submitting it if its not suitable.

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Deleted Member @ 09/06/2016 13:13  

Submitted events are only visible to Events administrators - they stay there until we either enable or delete it, they don't automatically get approved, or rejected - we have to check them over, and make sure the details are accurate - e.g. don't want folk being sent to the wrong place..

Normally I check Events every day or so, but apologies as I've had a hellish busy time recently and not been able to take the time to check for new events for a week or so - I've gone through them all tonight though.

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Deleted Member @ 09/06/2016 20:57  

Thank you MrMike

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Deleted Member @ 10/06/2016 00:09  

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