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Technical Motorbike Help


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Had a few electrical issues , burnt out stator, replaced it and chucked in new reg/ rectifier , checked wiring , ground and all seemed good with the world, 1900 miles on and had to nurse it home this eve, looks like the same has happened, been a googling and Pulse sensor/generator was mentioned as a possible?????, electrics ain't my forte, any idea's? ,going to strip and check stator and reg / rect outputs / resistance tomorrow, , check wiring again.

Question is would the pulse generator be a likely candidate/ cause ?

Cheers 'the baffled one'

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ExupRichR1 @ 03/06/2016 22:41  

I'd be looking at the regulator effecting the generator.

Is your battery frying? Also check to see if you have any shorting across your field wires (normally the three yellow ones going into the reg) as its been known for these to chafe through on the frame somewhere frying everything.

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Deleted Member @ 03/06/2016 22:45  

it's a replacement statorold one fried but it had done 56k miles, not charging again , draining battery
, checked charging after 1575 miles on Scots trip all ok, few more run outs and @no bull in builth wells last weekend and done 1900 miles , took a small jolly tonight and started trying to cut outat lights , got home and no charge to battery, replaced rectifier at same time as stator, will check grounding and resistance (ohms tomorrow see whats failed, something must be causing the failure though , grrr , I hate electrics

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ExupRichR1 @ 03/06/2016 23:02  

Check for shorts against the yellow charge wires before the reg, if I remember correctly they shouldn't short against the frame or basically go to earth. They should I think be isolated against each other (easy to check plenty in interweb)

Voltage at battery should be between 12 and 14v with engine running.

Can't remember what the voltage (ac) should be on the yellow wires but easy to find specs. If it's all new kit on there is suspect the first place to be hunting would be the wiring and a short or the lack of continuity being caused by a broken wire etc. Easy to check with the continuity mode on your multimeter.

Also worth checking for a good earth for battery and positive power to bike should be as close to zero ohms as possible.

I am assumimg your R1 is hopefully old enough to be analogue and not running CAN BUS can't remember what year it is.

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Deleted Member @ 04/06/2016 00:24  

Cheers dude , got a few things to check now , bikes naked nearly , have had a few breaks in the loom recently , did checks last time and fixed a couple but they weren't to do with charging system and after a fuse so shouldn't cause issues , it's an 03 , 1st of the fuel injection ,a lot more wires and relay's than my 'ole FZR lol
guess nothing last forever , it's been used an abused to the tune of 58k miles now , just being lazy and not wanting the hassle of routing a new engine wiring loom, did I mention I hate electrics lol, more a big spanner and hammer type :-)

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ExupRichR1 @ 04/06/2016 09:55  

checked rectifier /reg all checks out, stator showing signs of grounding and low volt output on all three terminals, wiring seems good , lots of beeps, still stumped , sent off for another stator, will have to see

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ExupRichR1 @ 04/06/2016 12:35  

Whats the contpdition of the connectirs and what resistance are you getting alone the field wires from the gennie to the regulator?

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Deleted Member @ 04/06/2016 13:22  

book say's it should read about 0.19-0.23, they were correct or in tolerance after install, now reading 1.1-1.4
, going to really get stuck into the wires whilst waiting for stator, connectors are clean , no corrosion , seems pulse generator was a bum steer from someone but will check it's condition, though she runs fine till battery gives up the ghost so ignition /timing side are running as should

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ExupRichR1 @ 04/06/2016 19:09  

Pulse gen should affect the battery as its for the ignition.

If the battery isn't taking charge it's either the generator, regulator of wiring. I think your going the right way round it sorry if it's like I'm trying to teach granny to suck eggs.

My cbr had that same problem and it was the wiring to the regulator which caused it to burn out, same issue with our er5.

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Deleted Member @ 04/06/2016 21:19  

Think it has to be a wire causing it somewhere, shall try to persevere lol, hatefull job, cheers for the suggestions

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ExupRichR1 @ 05/06/2016 00:59  

Check the plugs in the loom, mate had a similar issue on a ZX9 and it was corroded connections inside a multi plug had overheated and melted the plug innards causing intermittent shorts.

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Deleted Member @ 07/06/2016 15:48  

Cheers MrMike, so far so good on the loom , no signs of problems (corrosion or burning),few in buggar to get to still to check though, stator came in post today but will install after Download, the inside of the flywheel has a line (blackened) which I want to polish out like in earlier post had fuel pump wire shorting a while back and head light wire but I fixed those
, just going to clean all contacts again and put back together slowly, hopefully continuity beeps all the way :-), as long as I can get her all back together for Friday and the Farmyard Party

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ExupRichR1 @ 08/06/2016 20:08  

Good luck - electrics are a right sod.

Continuity isn't everything though. Resistance is important. In my mate's bike the problem was increased resistance caused by the corrosion, that high resistance caused the heat, and the heat melted the plug innards, and that finally caused the problems.

Of course in your case that might not be the issue, just be aware that just because there is continuity in the circuit, it doesn't necessarily mean it's ok ......

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Deleted Member @ 09/06/2016 10:25  

That's why I ask for resistance figures

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Deleted Member @ 10/06/2016 00:11  

So far , so good , 400 miles to farmyard and back , would of been nice to find a blatant culprit but alas nothing sprang out at me, cleaned contacts (though no obvious corrosion). What's the typical/ expected resistance on auto wiring?, did only check for continuity on wires, all resistances are good with manual with stator and rectifier/regulator

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ExupRichR1 @ 23/06/2016 00:14  

Just incase anyone is in any doubt or missed the fact from earlier posts, I thought I'd re-enlighten you , 'I HATE BLOODY ELECTRICS' lol

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ExupRichR1 @ 23/06/2016 00:19  

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