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Technical Motorbike Help

Juddering front forks

Juddering front forks - Forums [Biker Match] Juddering front forks - Forums [Biker Match]
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Juddering front forks

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Got a baby Varadero 125, and lately it's started juddering when i pull away in first.

And then today, heard a loud bang while riding, and now when in first and second, comething is bumping in the front wheel or forks, feels like I'm going over the speed lines coming up to a roundabout.

Anyone got any ideas?

Oh, and I can never get into neutral from first when the engine is warmed up. Always have to come back up to seond then down.

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mr christian @ 21/05/2016 15:35  

Blimey loads going on there. Got to say it sounds like more than one fault hitting you there I trust its getting regular preventative maintaince.

First place I would go looking is our chain and sprockets for your juddering in first and second the bang would comman ply be a jumping chain. Miss adjustment or simply worn out. Check the front sprocket they wear at about twice the rate of the rear. This will also send shakes through the whole bike.

If all is well there check your front brake discs and wheel bearings. A loud bang might be a a disc bolt working out and striking something snapping off but I'd say it's more likely a collapsing wheel bearing.

For your own sake don't ride it until the fault/faults are found they don't sound like something that wont just sort it's self out and could well be catastrophic if it lets go.

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Deleted Member @ 21/05/2016 23:10  

Christ, now I'm crapping myself. Did the return journey from Eastbourne, and it disappeared until the engine go properly warmed up.

Will have a pop at the chain in the morning, and see what happens. Cheers for the heads up. If that doesn't work, will take it to a garage. Although it did have a service only 2000 miles ago.

I'm not much of a mechanic, only had first bike 3 months, so still learning. Oil change and chain tightening is the best I can really manage myself right now.

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mr christian @ 21/05/2016 23:25  

Give it's a check over. Don't be worried most things are easy to fix. Check your safety drive line, suspension and brakes.

Lack of maintaicece or improper chain adjustment is a very comman issue on 125's due to lack of experience. Do you have a workshop manual or an an experience buddy that can hold your hand looking for the fault.

Vibrations and bangs aren't a good sign. Get a jack and lift one wheel at a time and spin the wheels listening and feeling for anything that isn't right. A d give the wheels a shake feeling for side ways play or wobble.

It's all basic logic. No tricks just have to check it all over and if in doubt ask. Everything should run/spin move smothley and quietly. If you are lucky it's something silly and free to sort. If not it could cause an accident. Always best to check.

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Deleted Member @ 21/05/2016 23:55  

Yup, was the chain. Simply fixed. Now I know the symptoms, won't happen again

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mr christian @ 22/05/2016 16:33  

Nice one, see it's worth checking the bike over. Money saved then I hope.

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Deleted Member @ 22/05/2016 21:13  

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