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Motorcycle Racing

NW200 Ryan Farquhar

NW200 Ryan Farquhar - Forums [Biker Match] NW200 Ryan Farquhar - Forums [Biker Match]
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NW200 Ryan Farquhar

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Best wishes to Ryan as he is still in hospital seriously ill after his accident at NW200 Thursday night.

I cannot post links here with my shite moby, but there are plenty links on the BBC (or other media) website with full coverage of all the races for those who may be interested in road racing ...
ElizaDee @ 13/05/2016 23:59  

Ryan still in hospital but 'stable'....

RIP the wee young fella racer Malachi Mitchell-Thomas

His father gave a lovely tribute to him today, sorry can't post link but check out the news sites you will find it x
ElizaDee @ 15/05/2016 22:39  

Tragic news....just listened to his father's tribute.
Catkins @ 16/05/2016 01:08  

Cheers Cat xx
ElizaDee @ 16/05/2016 05:32  

Heard on radio that he's took a turn for the worse and moved back into intensive care, hopefully just a hic-up in his recovery

ExupRichR1 @ 26/05/2016 17:34  

Fingers crossed for him
ElizaDee @ 27/05/2016 12:57  

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