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fazer suddenly using oil

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fazer suddenly using oil

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My first ever post on the forum so hopefully doing it right!

Had a major service on my FZS600 last year but due to an injury I didn't actually ride it much afterwards. It was running great so didn't notice anything untoward on the few rides I had.

Have had it out since February this year and had to top oil up twice already! It's just not normal. I only ever topped up maximum of once in-between yearly oil changes previously.

It had valve clearances and shims done in the service so think it surely must be linked to this.

Wonder if anyone could suggest why this seems such a sudden onset?

I have obviously checked there is no leaking.

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Angelina Ballerina @ 27/04/2016 13:36  

Is the engine smoking a lot when you run it, even when it has been running for a while? If it is then it could be worn oil rings. If there is no obvious signs of leaking around the head and barrel have you looked underneath to check the sump plug? If there is a leak it could be you are missing the oil ring from that.

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double six @ 27/04/2016 15:09  

Are you checking via the sight glass or is the warning light coming on?

When it was serviced was it topped up with a measured amount of oil or was that done by the sight glass? Manual says 2.7 Ltr with filter change but just pouring oil in and using the sight glass normally means it either ends up over filled or under filled by about 0.5 ltr depending on how warm the engine was and how patient the person was doing the oil change.

When you say topping up, roughly how much oil have you added each time and roughly how many miles have you put on it?

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Gloom @ 27/04/2016 19:15  

Well my reply didn't post, bummer!

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Angelina Ballerina @ 27/04/2016 21:45  

Its warning light coming on, usually at extreme angles initially. Like turn at top of Sutton bank.
First top up felt like a lot. Alarming. Never put that much in between oil changes before. Second last weekend probably about 250ml or so.

Haven't asked about how the initial fill on service done tbh as so long ago.

It's certainly not running rich, looks clean on start and when warm. Nothing oozing out of anywhere and definitely not sump plug.

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Angelina Ballerina @ 27/04/2016 21:54  

Well as Gloom as says it could be that it wasn't adequately filled at the service, the alternative as I suggested being worn oil rings, costly if that is the case. Hope you get to the bottom of it.

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double six @ 27/04/2016 22:56  

I don't mind putting oil into it. It's an old bike and has served me well and it's currently running fine apart from this. Just wondered if it was usual after valve clearance/shims being done really.

Have my newer, extremely low mileage blue Fazer to put on the road next month so probably get it looked at then.

Thanks for the suggestions ????

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Angelina Ballerina @ 28/04/2016 13:48  

Ahh the warning light comes on. If memory servers that model uses a level rather than pressure sensor. Possible causes, if it looks right in the sight glass while on the center stand, are:

Wrong oil used to fill it ie to thick.
Gunk in the drain holes stopping it flowing back from the head quickly.
Wear on the scrapper but you'd see a bit of blue smoke so probably not.
You're giving it loads of stick and getting you knee down on some nice twisty roads and the level is all over the place

Maybe the bike is just feeling a little out of sorts and being awkward to get more attention.

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Gloom @ 28/04/2016 16:15  

He he he, that's possible, Mebbe it feels the understudy though they aren't in same place just now.

Don't actually get my knees down as such but I certainly give it some stick at times.

Will be keeping an eye on things though.....

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Angelina Ballerina @ 28/04/2016 21:51  

Oil light and sensor can be a bit of a prat at times on Yamaha's, especially after having the oil dropped, sounds like they just haven't been patient on fill up and run it up to temp and checked again, if as you say you haven't run it at any long mileage , might be you've just had to top up to get the level right , set the trip meter to zero
and see how long till next top up and how much by, you'd notice it at exhaust if it's burning oil

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ExupRichR1 @ 01/05/2016 11:15  

That's a good idea! Haven't thought of that. Will give it a go and see what results I get ????

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Angelina Ballerina @ 04/05/2016 20:08  

Over 3 lt with a filter change, not enough oil to start with.

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Scarecrow @ 28/09/2016 05:14  

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