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Technical Motorbike Help

engine honda deauville nt650

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engine honda deauville nt650

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I don't know if its me but all my bikes have always been bandits, I have always wanted a pan or a Deauville. I have just bought this bike its a 04 plate. now when I took it home it felt like it was running ok but it sounded like there was a plug or a lead down. I took it to the dealers and there mechanic took it out put new plugs in etc. but still sounds the same. so is it because its shaft driven makes it feel like that, it runs sweet but feels like its missing that umph like I have had on all my other bikes the powers there doesn't take long to get up to speed. its like how can I put it theres no power band if you can set me straight cheers

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paulnt650 @ 19/04/2016 22:35  

A Deauville's a comfy middleweight tourer with a lot going for it, but a hooligan bike it ain't. Not that I'm calling you a hooligan, of course

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Wills @ 19/04/2016 22:59  

no I don't ride like a hooligan lol its very comfy rides like a new bike. when I have had my bandits its hard to explain. it sounds throaty my Deauville ware my bandits didn't. my Honda sounds like its a plug down or a lead but runs smooth it just weird I was just wondering if that's how they run. I love my Deauville would never miss treat her. is it that im use to sports tourer and it just sounds and feels different so its alien to me I don't know lol

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paulnt650 @ 20/04/2016 10:45  

you know its only a v twin ?

just in case you were expecting more cylinders :-)

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bluesbiker @ 20/04/2016 18:42  

Arrrr so thats why it sounds throaty thanks bluesbiker that explains it for me thanks

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paulnt650 @ 20/04/2016 19:20  

Yup the v twin is more steady away than rip snorting revy.

There not well known for there straight line power. The off beat plug down down sound and feel is normal.

Power wise the 650 twin would feel more like a 400 four than a bandit 600. And no there won't be any powerband to speak of just Rev it harder.

Bloody bullet proof though, have known a few out there that coped with a courier chaining it all day long and lasting well over 300,000miles. Even know once that ran for a season with no coolent in it. Went better with no coolent than with due to the blown head gasket, as long as it was allowed to cool down when it started to size.

Where it will win though is with he handling, here surprisingly good at medium speed twistys.

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Deleted Member @ 03/06/2016 22:42  

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