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I'm 5ft 4in tall. I have a Yamaha virago xv535. I'm selling my cbr400rr as it is wrong shape for me. I have A2 licence and looking for another bike, something a bit newer than 1997 virago. Does anyone have any suggestions please?

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naomijr @ 29/03/2016 20:04  


Got good write up in MCN

BMW will reduce bike height.

I am 5ft 2 and have a lowered CBF500.

Also look at Kwak vulcan. Nice if you like cruiser and they can move stuff around to fit you.

Best thing I did was pick a bike sit on it see if it felt comfortable and ask if reduce the seat height.

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rowanblossom @ 29/03/2016 23:27  

When you say the CBR400RR was the wrong shape for you, is it the riding position? Too cramped for your knees? Too much weight on your wrists?

You could try this site - - to see what kind of knee, forward lean, and arm angles your current bikes have, and use that as a base to give you a good idea of how other bikes might fit you?

In the meantime for bike recommendations, agree with the SV650 recommendation - mate had one, fantastic bike. Also maybe look at the Suzuki Bandit or Yamaha Fazer ?

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Deleted Member @ 30/03/2016 07:35  

Yeah my mate had a SV650 and loved it.
Also look at the Gladius. Newbikerchick has one if you want to ask what its like to ride. She is a bit of a demon on it :-)

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rowanblossom @ 30/03/2016 14:03  

You can get lowering kits for most bikes nowadays and risers for more handlebars for comfier riding , so if you see bikes you like, don't rule them out straight away, will give you a lot more choice

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ExupRichR1 @ 30/03/2016 18:22  

That's a great idea if ya buying a new or newish bike n planning to keep it a while. Purely because of the cost, and changing it back when you come to selling it
My main concern is, does it affect the handling and ground clearance on corners. I'm aware it wouldn't in the adventure bikes, but as for road and sports bike. Most probably
Lowering is a great idea if you want a greater choice of bikes, but I'd find someone who has already lowered the bike your thinking of getting and ask their opinion.
To be honest being ove 6ft I can't recommend any small bikes

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MrBen @ 11/05/2016 10:47  

If the bike comes with a low suspension/seat option from the factory it's unlikely t will have an adverse effect on its ride and handling. Many after market attempts how ever can have some odd results.

Some manufacturers such as BMW do low options in there ranges so it's worth hunting one of these down when looking for a bike if your feeling challenged with a full size bike. Moving handle bars/foot pegs however can have some very positive results as well

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Deleted Member @ 13/05/2016 22:49  

Yep , have to agree there, kind of meant , whilst looking ask the bike shops what lowering options are available, wasn't suggesting Chinese lowering doglegs off fleabay lol,I know Triumph and Yamaha offer lowering kits for some of their models, I'm sure the other marques do the same

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ExupRichR1 @ 15/05/2016 09:15  

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