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Is anyone interested in renting out a 125cc for a few months, don't think it is worth buying one for that short time as the intention is to be on a big bike as soon as, just need road practice and you might like a bit of garage space and some pennies for a while :) Postcode is WA9, Merseyside region Thanks

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Deleted Member @ 14/02/2016 10:20  

If you don't damage a 125 you can normally get you money back and I've meet some people who have even made money when they sold the 125 on.

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Ragnar @ 14/02/2016 10:32  

Oooh I didn't know that Ragnar. How do I go about getting a bike and getting my money back, that sounds promising, thanks :)

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Deleted Member @ 14/02/2016 15:14  

Caroi, it aint rocket science, do your cbt (you can hire the bike for the day) then find a 125 for sale that you like, buy it, ride round on it for a while, do some training and when your confident, then do your test, once youve passed if you still want a bigger bike, put it up for sale, if its been looked after you are more then likely to get yr money back, if your lucky you may even make a profit.

My daughter had a CBR125 for about 8 months and made quite a profit when she sold it. So much so that she had to put very little cash into buying her ER-5.

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Lindsay @ 14/02/2016 15:42  

Thanks GBNP but I have already done and passed the CBT and trying to make myself stay awake enough after work through the week to learn some of the theory, so I can do and hopefully pass that. I am not being dumb, just didn't want to waste time and money looking for and buying a 125 to use for 2-3 months as hopefully I will have enough road experience in to do the mods 1 & 2 before Summer, then get my ass out to look and buy a bigger bike to have the pleasure of for a few years! Therefore thought I would enquire if there was anywhere around to hire a 125 from for such a short duration or if one of the members had one sitting in their garage I could hire off them. Seemed a logical thing to ask as far as I was concerned. I had never heard of what Ragnar said.

But cheers for the step by step guide on what I should have been doing! Oh and I have been pilli for god knows how long, simply wish to have my own independence and not be reliant on anyone for my 2 wheel fix that constantly seems to be with me even during winter months.

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Deleted Member @ 14/02/2016 19:32  

I had misunderstood him, didn't realise he was meaning even if I bought one I'd get back what I had laid out., seems the 125 hold their price. Well nice one. Still seems a huge pain having to bloody buy one for a wee while though!

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Deleted Member @ 14/02/2016 19:37  

I too am pilly (have been for 36 years!) I was just pointing out that its simple really and if looked after a bit of a money spinner, if you're lucky.

I dropped really lucky on my daughter's CBR125, after becoming despondent trawling the internet for hours (for a very specific model), i was about to give up, when a lovely lady from Glossop posted exactly what my daughter had asked for, and it was a great price too, a deal was done over the phone and we collected the following day. It was worth every penny to see her face 3weeks later when she went to put the rubbish out and found it at the side of the house, all wrapped up in a big bow! Even more so, when she sailed through her tests and sold it for a lot of profit and acquired her next bike.

Check out: On a cursory glance it looks to me that buying n selling on is cheapest option. Unless of course someone has one in the garage they arent using ; ) Good luck in your search, apologies if i insulted/upset you.

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Lindsay @ 14/02/2016 20:53  

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