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Email vs username

Email vs username - Forums [Biker Match] Email vs username - Forums [Biker Match]
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Email vs username

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It's now possible to use your email address OR your username to login.

Too many people were emailing me saying they can't login, and when I've looked into it they've almost always been using their email address where the site asks for username.

Now you can use either, as long as your password is correct

   Update Reply
Matt @ 13/02/2016 10:12  

Worked for me. Email address longer than username though so will be sticking with that till the alzheimers kicks in. Thanks again Mark. I mean Matt.....

   Update Reply
red_daytona @ 13/02/2016 19:42  

What a silly problem to have....
Still, non the less, it was obviously an issue....
Well resolved lol

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 15/02/2016 00:23  

I agree WOT, how can anyone confuse USERNAME with Email Address??!

Errr .... Doh!

Good job you aint got much to do eh Matt?! I suppose sorting that out kept you out of trouble for a short while though, so RESULT! ; )

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 15/02/2016 18:50  

You would be surprised how many folk can not rem either, more so when they have only just registered lol

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 18/02/2016 10:11  

think i,l stick with my user name

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 19/02/2016 12:41  

You should change it to Mr Bill lol

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 19/02/2016 13:08  

I have to log in twice as the first log in attempt always comes up page not found, not a biggy, just thought I'd mention it

   Update Reply
ExupRichR1 @ 12/04/2016 23:46  

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