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using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving

using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving - Forums [Biker Match] using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving - Forums [Biker Match]
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using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving

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For once the government are proposing something I agree with... well, almost - not sure they'll introduce public hanging...

"The Department for Transport seeks feedback on proposed changes to penalties for the offence of using a hand-held mobile phone whilst driving."

there's a 'Respond Online' option where you can tell them that yes, you support higher penalties for the pricks who think their phone is more important than the lives of others on the road

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Deleted Member @ 12/02/2016 23:02  

have heard its a grand fine for you and the same for the person on the other end as well

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havfun @ 13/02/2016 02:53  

The available studies so far suggest that talking on the phone while driving, even hands-free, is as bad or worse than drink-driving. Indeed, hands-free talking may be worse than drink-driving precisely because so many people are lulled into thinking it's safer.
The consequences for talking and holding a phone while driving should be the same as drink-driving. Perhaps then people might pay more attention.

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bluesbiker @ 13/02/2016 09:43  

Not just drivers on phones though. I posted ages ago about a plonker on a 50cc scooter texting whilst riding. He was riding like a twat and oblivious to the traffic around him. I got stuck behind that dipstick on two separate occasions when he was more interested in reading his texts than concentrating on the road.

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red_daytona @ 13/02/2016 20:46  

I don't have anything against hands free phone use. the tech is there so there's no excuse for hand held use , as for texting , shoot 'em

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ExupRichR1 @ 14/02/2016 03:27  

As a field engineer i have to use a hands free but even hands free. when your trying to concentrate on driving through towns and you've got someone on a phone asking you questions it's very difficult to concentrate.
perhaps the studies are right. people think its safer with hands free. to a point it is just because you have two hands on the wheel.
Just watch someone with a phone in their hand try and park in a busy car park. funny to watch but scary that they think it's ok.

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bluesbiker @ 14/02/2016 12:01  

The biggest problem with texting whilst driving is when you hit a bump you tend to mis-spell words :P

On a serious note though, using those bloody things when you're driving kills people. It's about time the courts did more than just give people a few points for it. A 3 month ban and a retest would make a better deterrent.

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Gloom @ 14/02/2016 13:04  

Let's be honest. We all see people on mobile phones whilst driving on a daily bases.
What gets me the most, is watching those with children in the cars whilst on the phone.
There are no excuses for it. No phone call or text is that important.
I think it is about time that the UK clamped down on mobile phone use whilst driving.
And anyone who is dumb enough to ride and text,call via a phone needs to sell their bike and get the bus.... period...

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2016 00:18  

If they are really serious about banning phone use then road side pedestrians need to be include as well.
The technology is available to fit a signal jammer in all vehicles which could knockout all calls within a 100 yards or so. That would sort it out.

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bugsbunny @ 15/02/2016 20:14  

surely just walking down the street using a phone isn't actually dangerous. if you mean walking into the road with one then we already have laws for that. although they are rarely used. perhaps your thinking we should just go back to land lines?

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 15/02/2016 22:03  

3 to 4 points for non-<abbr title="heavy goods vehicle">HGV</abbr> drivers
3 to 6 points for those that hold a large goods vehicle (<abbr title="heavy goods vehicle">HGV</abbr>) licence and commit the offence whilst driving a<abbr> HGV
It is the same offense so it should carry the same points and fine. What they dont tell you is if you are a HGV, Coach or Bus driver you get an automatic 14 day suspension of your commercial license for useing a phone when driving. Why ? because they say we should know better, ALL drivers know it is an offense to use a mobile phone when driving unless it is on hands free.
My other gripe is SATNAV why do they stick it to the windscreen so they cant see where there going its illegal to put it anywhere on the screen except lower right hand corner. So if your knocked off by a car driver with a satnav stuck on the windscreen demand they get done for it and you have just won the case if they are
</abbr><abbr title="heavy goods vehicle"></abbr><abbr title="heavy goods vehicle">


   Update Reply
JP @ 16/02/2016 20:17  

"<abbr> its illegal to put it anywhere on the screen except lower right hand corner"

Where do you get that from?

It IS illegal if it "</abbr> is poorly placed, interfering with the driver’s view to the front" - but if I put the satnav in the centre of the windscreen of my car it's most definitely NOT interfering with my view of the road at all.

The law also states it's "an offence to drive a vehicle in a position that doesn't give you proper control of the vehicle or a full view of the road ahead" - so these folk that can barely see over the steering wheel really, really shouldn't be driving.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 16/02/2016 20:59  

The lower right hand corner is the only position that DVSA say it can be put on the screen unless it is manufacture fitted as part of the vehicle

   Update Reply
JP @ 16/02/2016 21:05  

Get rid of all the mobile phone masts and I wouldn't hardly notice. Probably made less than 20 calls all last year and I'm not interested in a so called smart phone. Some may say I'm sad I'm not saying what I think of them!!

   Update Reply
bugsbunny @ 16/02/2016 21:11  

the Road Vehicle Construction and Use Regs say different - and that's the law, not advice. And since that allows interpretation of the best place to site it I reckon that's good since I'm a tall bastard and where it will suite me to have the satnav vs someone more vertically challenged may well be different.

The AA advises : The sat nav should be in your line of sight. You don't want to have to look down or turn your head a long way, but it should not block your view of the road.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 16/02/2016 21:11  

The Construction and use dont apply to items fitted by joe blogs from Halfords they would have given there approval to dash mounted screens factory fitted type. As for the AA ? I dont care how tall you are compared to any other road user. It is an offense to put anything within the swept area of the screen except, Operators license lower left, motoring organization sitcker ie AA RAC Lower left, or a rear view mirror top center, Road tax disc can still be displayed on some vehicles. Satnav screens will not fit outside a swept area so the lower right is allowed as it is the lest intrusive to your view of the road. It is also an offense to hang a CD or cuddle toy from your rear view mirror as you would know if you took your car for mot with these items in place they would fail or remove them and place them on the seat to pass its test

   Update Reply
JP @ 16/02/2016 21:37  

the swept area is a myth mate, it's not a definition of what would and would not interfere with a drivers view to the front, and for the record it's the construction and USE regs, so it does cover what Joe Bloggs fits.

Bear in mind that enforcing these and many other laws used to be my job Nowadays I programme computers for a living - a lot less grief

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 16/02/2016 23:10  

The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986
No. 1078 PART IIE View to the front Regulation 30

windscreens and windows MUST be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision.

The Construction and Use is very clear on this.
Now you can argue the toss about if your placement obstructs your view all you like but if in the opinion of a trained police officer it does you get a ticket.

From the current MOT inspection manual. Please note that the use of the words "Seriously Restrict" only applies to official stickers.

Windscreen Inspection Zone

Zone 'A is:
. in the swept area of the Windscreen
. 290mm wide
. centred on the centre of the steering

'Official' stickers 'Official' stickers that are not readily removable - such as vehicle licences, parking and access permits - are only a reason for rejection if they seriously restrict the drivers view. 'Official' stickers should be taken to be any sticker that is used in connection with 'road enforcement', 'security' or 'crime prevention' matters.
These include: Disabled Persons Badges/permits, Parking Permits. Licences and Vehicle Anti-Theft Scheme stickers issued by a Policy Authority. Sun visors Sunvisors fitted to the driver's side, which cannot be stowed in the 'offscreen' position and which drop down obstructing the view through the swept area of the windscreen are a reason for rejection. A similar defect on the passenger side sunvisor is not a reason for rejection.

   Update Reply
Gloom @ 17/02/2016 11:20  

You're looking for regulation 30 (3) which states that the glass must be maintained in such condition that it does not obscure the vision of the driver while the vehicle is being driven on a road.

It does NOT mention swept areas.

Stop confusing MOT guidance with the RVCaU regs, they are NOT the same thing.

The RVCaU regs apply to everyone driving, the MOT guidance only applies to the MOT tester at the time of the test.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 17/02/2016 13:16  

And this viewers, is how you go from a piece about hand held phones to a pissing contest.

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 17/02/2016 14:17  

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