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Tech issues

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Hi peeps, im a newbie and just subscribed. Having real problems logging in can only log in through activation email or keep logged in and ive lost my conversation list, just spoke to another member who has the same issues, anyone else having problems? Lou :) x

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Deleted Member @ 09/02/2016 13:19  

To help Matt when he looks at this it would really help if you tell us what browser you're using, plus there are also little things to try, like a power refresh of the browser, or using Crap Cleaner to clear out internet cache etc.

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Deleted Member @ 09/02/2016 13:26  

Im really sorry but bit of a technophob lol will have my lad look at it for me and will let you know.
Many thanks

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Deleted Member @ 09/02/2016 13:29  

Welcome on board L_L,
bear with us while you get the techy stuff sorted - lot of friendly folk on here.

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izzyhill @ 09/02/2016 21:19  

Hey Lou

Sorry you're having trouble. Please trust me though that conversations are never just wiped out. It's almost always a case of someone creating a 2nd account by mistake, then logging in with the new account and wondering where their messages have all gone to.

Please check that you're using the correct account you've always used. If you don't have any more luck then please email me via the contact page (accounts option).

Welcome to the site and thanks for supporting us.

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Matt @ 13/02/2016 10:14  

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