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errr... error code ?

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errr... error code ?

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Ive been trying to get back online for hours, i was logged in and closed the windows down on my phone whilst doing other things, when i tried to access the site again i get the following message; HTTP/1.1 New Session Failed Can anyone explain in simple language what this means (other than i cant get on!) and why i kept getting it? I am useless at this stuff. I got this message in the afternoon too, but managed to get in after approx 30 mins. Frustrating .... Grrrrr!

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Lindsay @ 31/12/2015 00:52  

It's been doing the same through the night too :(

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Karey @ 31/12/2015 04:59  

I've just spoken to Matt via txt...should be all sorted now

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Wills @ 31/12/2015 09:37  

It took some doing about 1hr 30mins this morning, but im in!

Thanks Wills & Matt.

Still would like to know wtf it all means, ive been messing with my settings on phone, thinking it was my problem, is it? Was it? Or was it summat to do with Santa's very bored elves?!

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Lindsay @ 31/12/2015 11:56  

Face book thing and other stuff worked so i assumed site had a hicup again
cud get on if i went back in history and tryed again it worked

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havfun @ 31/12/2015 12:44  

it was indeed BM, my excuses.
Caused by 2 problems...

1) Huge influx of people accessing the site at the same time (thanks to my Christmas message to everyone). This bumped up the need for server resources.

2) An error in the email system sent the memory out of control (memory leak). Ended up taking up most of the server resources.

Either problem alone would have been fine. But the effect of number 2 meant there wasn't enough resources for number 1. Hence the error that the server cannot start a new session (i.e. No more space to accept you on the server while handling existing visitors).

I've made several fixes, including increasing the memory just now and I'm also monitoring the email server to try and figure out why it went insane.

Problem was for about 10 hours until Wills sent me a text message. It would have been longer if he hadn't contacted me. Whoops.

Sorry again.

PS: it had nothing to do with this:

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Matt @ 31/12/2015 15:04  

oo-err Matt.. it sounds a tad painful, problems with number 2 affecting number 1 I'm pleased you got it sorted!

I did think about texting a couple of the Mods (I have mobile numbers for) at some silly time last night but thought that I would rather be dragged over hot coals backwards than disturb them

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Lindsay @ 31/12/2015 16:58  

Perhaps Matt, you need to have a look at some site monitoring service that i recall one of my past employers used, it was very good at detecting web service snarl ups, heartbeat monitoring and the like… they used it for some 200 sites that they hosted remotely…

Its called site24x7

I do not represent them in any way, i just recall having to shadow the network manager post for a month, while he took a partial holiday…

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oddbod @ 08/01/2016 08:19  

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