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Christmas crash (website)

Christmas crash (website) - Forums [Biker Match] Christmas crash (website) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Christmas crash (website)

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Well it had to happen didn't it. After several years of stability we finally had a power failure to the servers (the UPS died, for the geeks). Took the whole site down almost all of Christmas day :-(

Really sorry to everyone for this. Hopefully you were all too busy with family anyhow to even notice.

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Matt @ 25/12/2015 18:11  

Well it had to happen......after several beers in the pub before lunch....then a couple of bux fizz....and a couple of bottles of merlot with the on some rather fiyne cognac...
Hope you were all too busy to notice.....anyway merry Xmas from the drunk tank....

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Deleted Member @ 25/12/2015 19:16  

just thourght it was to bizzy to get on

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havfun @ 25/12/2015 19:48  

Well, Danny managed to post the birthday greetings at tea time so you must have worked your socks off to get it sorted - thanks Matt.
I, obviously, didn't notice!

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izzyhill @ 29/12/2015 09:22  

Ok we're now back up 100%. Just took the server down for 5 minutes to change some power cables and replace some UPS batteries, but everything is good again. No more loud warning beeps every 5 seconds here and our backup power supply is healthy again.

Thanks for your patience

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Matt @ 31/12/2015 15:00  

Thank you Mr Techy :>>

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Alice2 @ 31/12/2015 23:28  

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