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Can any one advise. Me I've got a trike but the wiring has been. Butchered by last owner. I've a replacement loom its on a Kawasaki zg1000 but think I will struggle. With some of the wiring any 1advise me I'm in midlands area any help I would b great full

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trucker09 @ 21/12/2015 18:37  

You don't say if the harness on the ZG1000 is the correct one for your trikes doner bike.
label all the connectors as you take them off. get the wiring diagram enlaged so you can trace wires easier.And go to specsavers.

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bluesbiker @ 22/12/2015 00:55  

I would if there was any wiring there an been an had new glasses lol

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trucker09 @ 22/12/2015 17:08  

We need a lot more info to be any help other than to say its not going to be a five minute job.

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bugsbunny @ 22/12/2015 18:41  

pay a bike auto electrician a small fortune, or, do it yourself, with a wiring diagram and a LOT of patience

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Deleted Member @ 23/12/2015 09:36  

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