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Anyone else tried these key covers? I love it as it covers two bases: as a person who mislays keys, with this Kodakey cover I can keep keys on a retractable keyholder (Key-Bak); also when using the keys the leather pouch prevents other keys from scratching the tank. It opens and closes really easily with a sturdy magnetic catch. I use this for all keys and so it gets used many times per day. As both items are sturdy this is not a problem. By the way I bought this from America (via Ebay) because could not find a similar quality of build in the UK.

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Kathrin @ 06/12/2015 19:49  

Post a link or photo. You should also post a picture for your profile you will get a better response then. Are you an active biker?

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bugsbunny @ 07/12/2015 20:19  

It was a kickstarter project. A key cover to prevent the rest of your keys from bouncing around whilst they dangle from your main starter key.

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oddbod @ 16/12/2015 14:24  

Does that mean it was developed for bikes with a kickstart?
It still works well in any case; can check this out at

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Kathrin @ 30/12/2015 13:24  

No silly, kickstarter is a crowdfunding website for those people with a (great) idea but no money to get it started… so they post their idea on kickstarter and how much they need to get up and running.

A bit like dragons den on the bbc (but without the dragons). You can pledge money to kickstart a project… and maybe be part of the next big thing… like monkeylectric or fitbit or alcohoot or pixelstick or tile…

Those who make their target funding, may be able to get off the ground and make a commercial success of their venture - but who knows? Good ideas don’t always get funding.

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oddbod @ 08/01/2016 08:02  

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