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Events data needed

Events data needed - Forums [Biker Match] Events data needed - Forums [Biker Match]
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Events data needed

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Hi everyone

We're really in need of people to add more and more events to our database.

Doesn't need to be events that you organise, just help us to make the most complete UK bikers events database.

So think about racing agenda, bike rallies etc.

If you know one that isn't on the calendar, please please add it for us. Or, if you have some extra time, please scour the internet for other sites with lots of data and add it to BM.

Thanks very much!

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Matt @ 24/10/2015 10:47  

OK but can you add a fiter so we can just see the biker match events if we want?
I can be hard to find something by BM members when it lost amidst a list of rallies, race meets and operas.
PS, if I ever do find an opera on here I'm off :-)

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Steve_H @ 24/10/2015 19:10  

Good idea having a BM filter.

It's all very well having a comprehensive biker event calendar but the page header is "UK" Biker Calendar so please no Sturgis or Phillip Island postings (they're hardly going to many attendees) and no pop concerts either unless there's definitely a BM meet associated with it!

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izzyhill @ 25/10/2015 00:06  

Hmmm, hard to implement that now . I'd have to add a new option to each event like "BM event", which is either yes or no.

Does seem rather complicated and unnecessary though, no? It's not such a massive database

   Update Reply
Matt @ 26/10/2015 11:59  

The 'filter' might then be the Events team; apply a little discretion to what get put on and add BM to the top line of BM-only meets or to an actual BM gathering within an event such as the Farmyard Party - but perhaps not to trade shows where it's much less a 'meet' than on opportunity if communication between folk allows?

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izzyhill @ 26/10/2015 12:16  

Personally I prefer knowing whats going on all over the place throughout the year. I am not a FB user and I have to rely on checking events via the internet if it's not listed on here. I would have to spend valuable ride-out time if I had to check for everything that I may be interested in and that's just not an option as far as I am concerned !

I think the Events would dwindle so much that there would be no need for The Calendar, if it ONLY consisted of BM events.

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Lindsay @ 26/10/2015 13:44  


I've just added seven events, awaiting approval. Although not specifically BM events, I know of some BM members that attend these events or have done in the past.

It's always a good idea to include non-BM events as this gives an opportunity for BMers to meet and introduce new people to the site.

I will add more as and when I get time

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Karey @ 26/10/2015 15:27  

Thanks Karey, perfect. They'll be approved and added shortly.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 26/10/2015 17:01  

Hi Matt, I've just added Some 2016 BSB dates on

   Update Reply
Holmfirthgirl @ 27/10/2015 09:08  

I help Matt out with events, there weren't any new events waiting for me when I checked last night (early evening) but as there are clearly a few now I'll get on the case tonight :-)

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/10/2015 10:25  

All events are live now, none left in mod queue

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/10/2015 19:30  

Thanks everyone, please keep them coming. I have a super new feature I'll be launching this weekend and it heavily depends on us having active events (including photos added to events and also people tagging themselves).


   Update Reply
Matt @ 30/10/2015 14:41  

I'll check through them tonight after work Catkins :-)

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 26/11/2015 10:42  

all sorted and live

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Deleted Member @ 26/11/2015 19:06  

At 4am? .....Hope you were awake enough to make sense.... Hee hee!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/11/2015 09:52  

thanks everyone so much! keep them coming, all much appreciated.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 07/12/2015 20:50  

May I just say that when someone submits events for the calendar would you please add as much info as possible, such as entry fees, entertainment, and whatever else is happening, but please don't copy the waffle of the organisers, E g. how many attended last year and what entertainment there was last year, those details aren't relevant. Cheers :-)

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Sandi @ 09/02/2016 09:41  

Definitely helps me :-)

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 09/02/2016 13:20  

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