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Send Clear Buttons

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Hi Matt. Yep, prob is not applicable to posting on threads in forums. Prob is when you try and send messages to peeps on the communication box via pm. It doesn't ask you for confirmation of deletion, it just goes ahead and deletes your message. This has always been a prob on pm messaging.

And yes, to confirm, certainly on my mobi and on my pooter the send and clear buttons are close together, one above the other.
Catkins @ 08/11/2016 18:57  

Ooooh right... the PMs, sorry I was mistaken.

I'm planning to redesign the PMs soon as at the moment they are not mobile-friendly (as you are seeing).

Problem is.... I've heard of people complaining (not to me directly) that I am "changing too much". Some people don't use their mobile for BM and as far as they are concerned "why fix something that isn't broken". Problem is they don't realise it IS broken for other people.

I'll wait a while before changing the PM system. When I do i'll use the forum "reply" box for new PMs
Matt @ 09/11/2016 10:22  

Thanks Matt. Its not a huge issue and now I've done it once I'm more careful
HD3FXD @ 09/11/2016 10:24  

Cheers Mattio! :)
Catkins @ 09/11/2016 19:28  

Please can i have some clear buttons?I've finished my Advent calendar, and the white chocolate mouse Nursie snuck in for me...only hope i can find them on the carpet ,if i spill the packet..:P>
jinx57 @ 15/01/2017 09:06  

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