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two piece leathers

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two piece leathers

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due to the thread that aj started about two piece leathers (that I posted in) being locked because the thread hadn't had a new post for 2 months???? i'm starting this thread as a heads up for others.
in early april 2015 I went to scott leathers in barnard castle for a made to measure 2 piece leather suit to my design, jim aird the MD there stated that they would be ready in about 6 weeks, I said that I need them for my trip to the 2015 TT and was assured they would be so I paid a £200 deposit and off I went. just before the TT I rang them enquiring why I haven't received them and was told that they were not ready. being a reasonable guy I said ok and was told they would be ready mid june. in early july I rang again enquiring if they were ready and was told they were, so I went up there to try them on but when I did I found that the fit of the suit was way off and the design criteria i'd asked for was not met. so we agreed on the alterations required and like a mug I paid the balance of £600 expecting the alterations to be done promptly and correctly. in late august I rang again asking where my suit was, and was told it hadn't been done yet, at this point I sent a letter stating that under the "supply of goods & sevices act 1982" I wanted the suit completed with in 14 days or my money refunded or I would take further action. 16 days later I rang jim and asked where my completed suit was and was told that it wasn't done and he would refund my money, needless to say it is late october now and i'm still waiting for my refund........buyer beware! if you do a thorough search on the internet there are lots of other people with similar stories to mine, unfortunately I didn't do that!
I have now approached AM leathers who are also based in barnard castle to make a 2 piece suit for me. and I will update this thread with my experience with them.

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mikedabike @ 20/10/2015 00:35  

2 leathers companys in Barnard Castle are you sure they not related ?

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Bikeabill @ 20/10/2015 00:48  

not related, but steve the owner of AM leathers is a former employee of scott leathers before scott leathers went bust as TTleathers.
I believe his business practices are far better than jim aird's.

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mikedabike @ 20/10/2015 01:12  

We have two simalar ones in Hull like that

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Bikeabill @ 20/10/2015 01:35  

well! how about that for a coincidence......or is it?.

today the 21st of october i have recieved a cheque from scott leathers refunding me in full.......

except for the £100 of petrol i've used making 2 trips to their premises in barnard castle, the numerous phone calls to them and finally but probably the biggest disappointment to me not having my posh new leathers for our first trip to the TT with my 10 year old son.

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mikedabike @ 21/10/2015 15:28  

The trouble with wearing new leathers is that i usaualy manage to fall of and damage them when they are new

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Bikeabill @ 22/10/2015 05:04  

so it was lucky you were wearing your leathers then and they did what you paid all that money for

just between you and me bill i think slightly scuffed leathers look way more cool than spotless shiny ones, like badges of honour from past battles lol

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mikedabike @ 28/10/2015 17:08  

Your right Mike i was riding at Sentterton the other week and used my scuffed leathers insteed of my shiny new ones so as not to look like a new comer

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Bikeabill @ 29/10/2015 04:31  

on the 13th october 2015 i went to AM Leathers in barnard castle to be measured for a 2 piece suit to my requirements.

steve the owner informed me that a 2 piece suit could not be made to the design i asked for, but stated that he could make a jacket and matching pants that could be joined together with a 30cm zipper. his honesty and apparent understanding of what i was after was reassuring.
he took a 50% deposit and said that he would be in touch for me to go for a final fitting to make sure they fit correctly and to confirm that i was happy with them.
he was honest and upfront enough to say that due to his workload with race teams getting ready for next season that my leathers would not be ready till mid december at the earliest and mid january at the latest.

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mikedabike @ 07/12/2015 21:04  

will be watching this

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havfun @ 07/12/2015 21:34  

Mate had a similar experience with Crowtree..... the fit was terrible and even after alterations they were poor so he got a refund.... then he went to Hideout and the same.... he is taking the matter up with trading standards as they refused to refund

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kwakman @ 27/12/2015 21:39  

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